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As a weight loss and transformational coach, I help women and men lose weight, get in shape and achieve unstoppable confidence both online via Skype and in person. I help people deeply connect to their ‘why’. Lisa G Fitness is all about accountability and progress; if you don’t have the right coach and community holding you accountable, it is ten times harder to reach your goals. It simple makes my day to know that I have helped you achieve your goals.

Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Fitness Expert

Lisa G - Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Fitness Expert

I have a reputation for providing realistic, customized, and affordable services that are unmatched in the area! I take great pride in having built this positive reputation over years of hard work and education. I love inspiring people to make healthy choices and to be the best that they can be at any age.

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LA Corporate Wellness

Lisa G - LA Corporate Wellness

I am certified in personal training and in group fitness. Many companies realize the importance of keeping employees as healthy as possible. It improves productivity, profitability, and mental health.

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Here at Lisa G Fitness, I can proudly state that I am known as the personal trainer, weight loss expert, and fitness expert of choice for people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle in the Los Angeles, CA area.

I have produced results in my business for over 20 years using a holistic approach to good health. I encourage lowering stress levels to improve overall health, I rely on nutritional education, plus personal training knowledge to help my clients reach optimal health.

I am certified in spinning, graduated UCLA’s Personal Training Program and I have studied fitness yoga with Molly Fox. My proudest accomplishment is my popular fitness DVD titled “Skinny Jeans Workout.”

Turn to me for different training programs. I teach prenatal fitness to pregnant woman. Living a healthy life while pregnant can be trying, frustrating, and overwhelming.



“Lisa has only been my coach for a few months but I have already lost over 10 pounds! But more importantly, I feel so much better in my skin and I am getting stronger every day! Lisa has taught me how to finally stop the up-and-down weight loss roller coaster by developing a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable even during very busy times. I am excited for what’s ahead of me and plan on rocking my skinny jeans during the holiday season.”

– Janina

“I have been working with Lisa since August 2016. Prior to this I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I would eat very clean for a few days then overindulge 2 or 3 times a week. Then I would beat myself up about it and feel even more guilty. Lisa slowly introduced me to understanding why I indulged in such behavior and explained to me how guilt is a waste of an emotion. She gave me tools to deal with emotional stress thus reducing my dependence on food…I have learned that consistency is power and am truly grateful to Lisa for all her support and love, she is not just my coach but my friend as well.”

– Radhika

“You will not find more of a heart, soul and commitment out of a weight loss coach than Lisa Goldenthal. I’m a busy working mom of four children and was really out of shape. I stuck to Lisa’s exercise routine, eating habits she recommended and have lost the 20 pounds that I was carrying around for years. Her patience and kindness is unmatched to any other and she knows her field of expertise! Lisa is the real deal that cares about her clients!”

– Carolyn

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