If you don’t want to totally undo all of the progress you just made, follow these 5 simple rules:

1.) BELIEVE IT. Know that you are stronger than the temptations and post visuals if you think that might help. Maybe photos of you at your ideal weight or magazine/online printouts of how you hope to look. Pin them on your mirrors, refrigerator, computer monitor … wherever you look frequently. A constant visual will keep you focused on the ultimate goal and that mindset will be key to helping you resist temptations.

2.) DRINK IT. Water, that is. Guzzle it down, my friend, because water will be your best friend over these next few weeks. If you stay hydrated, you’ll tend to feel less hungry. And if you do slip up a tiny bit, water forgives you. 😉

3.) MOVE IT. Sometimes, if I’m sitting at my desk for too long but I can’t seem to break from what I’m working on, I just stand up. I start to squat but I keep typing (I’m doing it now in fact.) Get your body moving however and whenever possible. Always take the stairs instead of an elevator and park on the other side of the lot on purpose; although you may actually not even have a choice at this time of year. If you know you have a party or big dinner to attend, make sure you get at least 30 minutes of exercise in first. And, if it’s early enough in the day, try to get another 30 in afterwards.

4.) EAT IT. This one is a biggie – DO NOT skip meals, especially breakfast. It’s important to reach your ideal calorie intake to keep your metabolism moving. If you’re shopping all day, bring a portioned out container of nuts with you so you can get a quick fill of protein. Or throw some fruit in your purse. I like to keep Luna bars in my car, actually. Just in case I find that the hours slip by and I haven’t had time to nourish.

5.) STRETCH IT. Start your day with a quick stretch. I like to spend 10-15 minutes but if 5 is all you’ve got, it’s better than 0. Stretch your arms, neck, leg muscles and maybe even throw in some easy yoga poses like Downward Dog or Child’s Pose. Stretching limbers you up for the day, gets your blood flowing and helps reduce stress.

So, there you have it, Janet. Quick, common tips that I share with my clients and apply myself.

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