I ask this with so much respect and compassion…  are giving up?
You might be telling yourself that you’re just busy, or it’s just a bump  in the road, but sometimes we have to get brutally honest with ourselves and go deep!
There are some tell-tale signs that you’re actually giving up!
It’s when you wish for some amazing results.. Something along the lines of losing the last ten pounds for good.
But when an opportunity appears in your life to fulfill that wish you are too scared to take it.
Here’s what I mean.
I just met a woman that was perfect for Fat Blaster coachingwith the normal challenges, money and not sure if she would make the time to finally do the work necessary to rock out these changes.
My thoughts are – do you know how many people are struggling with the same challenges? You think it’s unique to you? It’s easy to convince ourselves when things get tough or busy that it’s the the universe’s way of telling you to not take action.
Sorry, but that’s a bunch of crap! That way of thinking, of justifying a dip in commitment is a common habit and lifestyle of someone who hasn’t broken through the fear yet.  I get it, but I want something different for you.
You may have tried everything in the past, but something is holding you back-
Let me be really HONEST right now.
You have this re-occurring wish to lose the weight for good and live a more empowered confident life because it’s MEANT for you. That’s why it keeps circling back around!
But every time the the path to succeed comes in front of you, you have to find a way to problem solve your circumstances and go for it.
Here’s my story. I’ll never forget the moment when I was sitting on my couch in Santa Monica and the man that I loved broke up with me.
I know this is a time when I could have easily given up on love forever, but my goals are something I never give up on.
I know sometimes in life when we get triggered the instinct is to reach for food, or in my case at that moment I wanted a glass of wine or two and some comforting cheese and crackers with my sister.
But deep down I knew that those were my typical, default distractions that took me away from my goal! It takes practice and accountability, but you CAN release the fears and the habits that are keeping you from rocking the body you want!
My question is this: 
  • What is your specific and measurable goal you are committed to by the end of 2017?
  • What are you doing on a weekly basis, between now and then, to achieve this awesome vision?
Write back and let me know, what are your goals. I don’t want you giving up on your goals of weight loss, not when I know that sometimes one conversation is all the support you need to get on it!
Lisa Goldenthal
Let’s join together and hit all of our dreams
for 2017 and beyond!
Lisa Goldenthal
(310) 991-0801

P.S. No strings attached. You can hop on the phone with me and ask me any question you have about your personal weight loss and wellness journey. I’ll do everything I can to help you reach your goals. Click here to ask a question!​​​​​​​
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