You can stop worrying about GETTING the perfect body.
Truth is, you are going to have slip ups because it’s a part of being human.
My slip ups are usually cheese, crackers, and red wine. They are my downfall. Last year, I went to many wine tastings. One even started at 10:00 AM.
So let me ask you , how do you slip up?
Here’s what I mean…
Dealing with your own inner chatter IS the mess we need to clean up.
You can give yourself a break. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP over the small slip ups.
But you can’t do it alone. Losing weight without accountability is hard. Losing weight without consistency and commitment is impossible.
Let me show you an easier way. I used to think if I could just lose the last ten pounds, I would be happy, but my own inner self-worth issues held me back.
You can lose the weight in the next 90 days and never struggle with yo-yo dieting again.
  • No weight watchers necessary
  • No nutra system necessary
  • No juice cleanse necessary
That’s the hard way. Let me show you the easier way!
JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE. You can lose the weight within the next 90 days by keeping it simple.
Let me show you how you can stop the slip ups and start keeping it simple.
Just hit “REPLY” to this email and let me know the #1 thing that’s slipping you up right now.
Lisa Goldenthal
Yours in health,
Lisa Goldenthal
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