OMG!! I heard this powerful statement this morning and I had to share it with you:

“What you declare, you HAVE to make happen!”

The reason I thought of you is that I know that you are so ready to finally create consistency with your diet and exercise and that 2017 is your year to declare it and make it happen.

So what’s really holding you back?

Getting consistent with your healthy habits is NOT hard.

Dealing with your inner chatter and reversing the old patterns and beliefs of HOW you get consistent to accomplish your goals is the mess we need to clean up.

It’s time to drop into your heart and ask yourself one question:

Truth is, how we take care of ourselves is a true reflection of self-worth. When we commit to consistency with diet and exercise, it is representing a high level of self-love and self-respect. And this consistency will have a positive ripple effect into every other area of your life.

When you commit 100%, you start every single day knowing what needs to happen in your day to become the HEALTHIEST version of you! And then you’ll be ready to rock this out in every day for the rest of your life

If you really want PERMANENT LIFESTYLE RESULTS, you CANNOT skip this very important step, you have to make yourself a priority so that you can show up as a leader to be there and inspire all the people in your life! You can’t give up!

When you don’t put yourself first,  you keep yourself from experiencing the big, PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHANGE you desire and deserve!

And I KNOW you want to get this right once and for all. 

So, what’s keeping you from having consistency with diet and exercise in 2017?

Comment below and let me help you break your patterns in eating and consistency with fitness.