The real reason you are not losing weight (HINT: It’s not genetic!)

It's my absolute pleasure to introduce my friends and colleagues, David Essel who actually comes out from in front of the camera to let me interview him! And nutritionist, Heather Nicholds makes time for me in the airport in [...]

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You can still eat your favorite food and lose weight!

Gillian Hood and Laura Fenamore share their deeply personal struggles with food and weight loss, they teach valuable tips and why dieting is not the answer. This is a lifestyle fix and it needs to be chunked down to one [...]

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Is Your Body Holding you Back?

Sure, we all want to look hot in a bathing suit, but it’s more than that. When our bodies start feeling like the enemy, keeping us small, tired or ashamed, it affects every area of our lives from the boardroom to the bedroom!

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