I’m guessing you’re a kind and trustworthy person , and that when you make a promise to someone, you keep it!
But I have to ask… do you keep the promises you make to yourself?
Have you told yourself one too many times, “I am NOT going to eat between meals,” or “I am definitely going to start getting up early to squeeze in a workout,” and then totally let yourself down?
No judgment, I’ve done it too in the past, but it saddens me that so many women value themselves less than they value other people.
And it’s the worst around the holidays! Too many party invites. A little whipped cream in your latte, a plate of cookies at the office, nibbling on candy canes, and sipping mulled wine and eggnog. Mouth-watering as that may be, you don’t want to be permanently confined to baggy pants for the next month because you didn’t keep your promises to yourself!
It’s so tempting to give up this time of year and leave the healthy diet or weight loss for the New Year’s resolution, but that’s not your style. When you start something, you stick with it, at least in every other area of your life and this should be different!
And I know you can do it! Let’s finish the year strong!
You want to rock that holiday outfit, right? You want to be confident, not carb-overloaded. You want to start LIVING as the best version of yourself. The one who feels like a million bucks, looks like a million bucks and (hey why not) is on her way to maybe manifesting a million bucks!
So remember the promise you made to yourself this year. Healthy and strong. Fit and focused. You got this!
Treats are exactly that: treats. That means that having only one makes it special, so savor it! I promise, you’ll thank yourself in a couple weeks when you can still slip on your favorite cocktail dress.
Also, here’s my gift to you! I’m opening up my calendar for a few mini sessions absolutely free.
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