This time of year is SOOOO jam-packed with activities! It can leave us feeling overwhelmed and with little or no outlet to bring us back to normal.
This is why exercise is so wonderful! When you’re stressed about grabbing all the perfect gifts or picking up last minute food for a party, fitting in a workout as soon as possible can help you get grounded and back to feeling like yourself.
But that can be easier said than done.
Oops! There went that 30-minute spin class while you were watching your niece’s holiday play. Darn!
But don’t be tough on yourself!
You’re human, and until cloning becomes a little more popular, you have to settle for only being one person. You’re working with a 24-hour day like the rest of us!
Be compassionate if you miss a workout. You don’t have to aim for perfection.
Remember the 80/20 rule? That’s truly good enough. Fit in your workouts when you can—and really crank it out when you do. But when the schedule is tight, make sure you stay hydrated and move your body, even just ten minutes a day. Stretches and yoga are easy to fit in around your activities without messing up your makeup or hair. Or, before you jump in the shower in the morning, do some stretching, jogging in place, and jumping jacks.
Hydration and movement can help you eliminate stress and feel ready to tackle your to do list.
The holidays are about finding the joy. Don’t add to your stress by being hard on yourself.
Keep moving and enjoy the bustle!