Does it feel like your body is rebelling against you?!?!

Does it feel like your body is rebelling against you?!?!

By now you’re probably getting tired of me talking about weight-loss, and yet, I can’t help it. Getting a healthy body and mind are truly the most important things you can do for yourself if you want to live a long, happy, fulfilling life. 
And yet, wellness seems to be the thing we put last on our to-do list. So I want to ask you a few questions that might make you uncomfortable, but its for a good cause!
  • Are you tired of feeling overweight and overwhelmed and find yourself envious of people who seem to easily live in a great body?
  • Ever feel like your life is ruled by food and food choices? Distracted at social gatherings because you’re thinking about what to eat?
  • Feeling like a failure because you do pretty well in other areas of your life yet cannot make this whole healthy body thing happen?
  • Going to bed a lot of nights feeling slightly disgusted and disappointed in the choices you made that day?
  • Vowing to do better tomorrow?
I am sending you SO much love because you are not alone and it’s TOUGH!
But you sure as hell don’t have to settle for it!

It’s time to change the game! (And I have REALLY great news for you!!!)

Because lasting weight loss is about more than motivation.

And it’s about waaaaay more than reducing calories and increasing exercise.

After all, if any of that worked you wouldn’t be here would you? You’ve done that before. And it’s time for a different approach!
So let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?

Because here’s the truth…

No amount of diet or exercise can fix a broken mindset or a broken metabolism!
I’ve created a 6-month program to TOTALLY TRANSFORM your body from the inside out!  

Total Transformation is a unique and personalized 1:1 coaching experience, where we’ll dive deep into what’s really going on in your mind, your metabolism, and spirit. Together we’ll take a holistic approach to losing weightcreating a lifestyle and mindset that ensure that you’ll not only lose the weight, you’ll keep it off…FOR GOOD!!!!

Because this isn’t about dieting, it’s about YOU!!!
Because you don’t need motivation…so I’ll spare you the rah-rah crap!
And you don’t need inspiration… I know you already feel inspired to live differently in your body.
What you DO need is TOTAL TRANSFORMATION – from the inside OUT!
And that’s precisely why I created my 6-month Total Transformation Coaching program.
Lisa Goldenthal
Cheers to staying fit & healthy!
Lisa Goldenthal
(310) 991-0801
P.S. Have questions? Not sure if this is for you?? Just hit reply and ask or CLICK HERE to ask me a question by phone!

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