In today’s interview, Bad Ass life coach Terry Sobon, and Canada’s top Fitness Professional Dave Smith, shows how you can accomplish anything by keeping your commitments to yourself and making them a priority, but you must take action! Terry also speaks about our blocks that cause self sabotage. Dave speaks about how stress is an overlooked cause of not losing weight, and speaks about how our triggers cause emotional eating.

Terry Sobon

Terry Sobon is a Create Your Badass Life Coach who helps busy women find vibrant health, radiant beauty and sexy, confidant vitality in their minds, bodies and spirits by helping them become a clear channel so they can create a life of passion and purpose. She is a certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher and Certified Holistic Health Coach with a background in the beauty industry.

Terry is offering a free gift called, “Balance Your Power Chakra” A 5-Day Training – Access, align and balance your solar plexus chakra so you can harness and wield your innate power.


Dave Smith

Dave Smith has been a personal trainer since 2001 and was chosen as Canada’s Top Fitness Professional in 2013 for his dedication to his clients’ success. Dave emphasis the power of habit with his clients, helping them to achieve full mastery over their body and their health.

Dave is offering a free gift called, “Can’t Lose” Book.




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