I’m curious – where do YOU fall in your never-ending list of to-do’s?

If you are in line with current statistics, the answer is most likely “low priority.”

Finding the time to exercise and eat right can be challenging, especially as you get older. But tending to our own emotional needs can be an even bigger challenge. It’s hard enough to balance a career and family with your personal life, never-mind with a fitness routine and “self-care.”

We all do it.

When life gets busy, self-care and exercise are usually the first things to go. Who has the time, right?

But then we wonder why we feel cranky, tired, unfulfilled.

You often hear about work/life balance, but perhaps even more important than that is body/life balance—the ability to live your life without being held back by the feelings you have about your own body!

Well, I’ve got good news! I’m going to show you how to fit it all in so that you can be at the top of your game for yourself and for the people you love. I am hosting a FREE virtual boot-camp called The Commit to Being Fit Body Breakthrough Bootcamp.

You’ve got to make yourself a priority . You can’t be of any use to anyone if you have no energy, if your health starts to suffer, or worse, if you end up in the hospital unable to do anything!

Join the Commit to Being Fit Body Breakthrough Bootcamp and learn:

  • Set attainable fitness goals & accept accountability
  • Prepare a menu that includes well-balanced nutrition throughout the day.
  • Squeeze in cardio, even when you’re busy
  • Incorporate yoga into your workout routine
  • Cook meals that are healthy and taste great
  • Create a mindset that supports ongoing success

Because you deserve to feel vibrant, alive, comfortable, and at home in your body.

You deserve to not only LOOK great this summer, but to feel proud of how you’re living.  To feel confident and sexy in your own skin!

It’s totally FREE.

I am also creating a private Facebook community exclusive for boot-camp participants. You can ask questions and get tons of support from the experts and other women going through the class too!

This is a truly life changing event that you’re not going to want to miss.

You can learn to create a healthy, EASY lifestyle that keeps you in perfect body/life balance without requiring you to spend hours you don’t have at a crowded gym or money you don’t have on expensive gourmet food!

It’s a system , a system that puts the right steps in the right order. And it works!

See ya over there!!!


Lisa Goldenthal

(310) 991-0801