The Real Cost of Being Just “Fine”

The Real Cost of Being Just “Fine”

Recently, a friend told me that her husband always knows something is up when he asks how her day is and she responds with “fine.” That’s a big red flag for him! He knows he’s about to hear a story about something that happened at work or with the kids that flipped her world upside down. He also knows that she’s trying to hide it. She doesn’t want to unload on him, but he knows that something is wrong.
What about when you say it? When someone asks you how your day is or how you feel, do you answer “fine”? Better yet, ask yourself this: do I want to just say that I’m fine, or do I want something better?

What’s better? I’m awesome, great, fantastic, beautiful, amazing!

Here’s the thing: when we say that we are “fine,” it gets us stuck in complacency.

We sacrifice the chance to say, “I’m fantastic!” 

Let’s look at some parts of your life that you can upgrade from fine to amazing, so you can be honest about how you really feel—
  1. Eating — Ever a sticking point with those changing to a healthy lifestyle, eating habits can sometimes make or break us. You don’t have to get what everyone else is getting. “That’s fine.” You don’t have to get the “healthiest” thing on the menu if it’s not something you would like. No! Make a conscious effort for “great”! What will fuel your body healthily, satisfy your hunger, AND taste delicious? Making healthy, conscious decisions about what we eat is FABULOUS! You are in control of making your body and mind feel good, and that’s always better than “fine.”
  2. Exercise — It can be so hard to fit this in among all our other obligations! Trust me, I’ve heard a lot of excuses for not exercising. Think about it this way: exercising isn’t just for weight loss. It’s for maintaining a healthy heart. It’s for toning muscle. It’s massively important to combat things like high cholesterol or osteoporosis. AND it’s great for your mood. Really! Use exercise as an opportunity to change your day from “fine” to “fantastic,” because of all the wonderful things it is doing for you, even if you have to work in short sessions throughout the day. You are choosing better! Some exercise is better than nothing at all.
  3. Rest — Few adults get adequate rest. It seems to be the last thing that we think about, the thing we do when all the other things are done. But, it is another crucial component to feeling better than “fine.” When our bodies are rested, we feel refreshed. Our brains are functioning! We can address our daily tasks with more ease. It can keep us from feeling frazzled and stressed. Tonight, really think about how much rest makes you feel good, and make a point of going to bed on time. Allow that time for yourself, and keep it sacred. It’s part of refilling your cup so you can pour into others. No one can pour from an empty cup! Rest will start you with a better outlook so you can easily move the needle from “fine” to “beautiful” . . . because isn’t that what you want life to be?
If you find yourself floundering, then let me help you with direction. Though it may seem simple when you read about how to leap beyond fine, getting some help from someone whose mission is moving clients from ‘fine’ to ‘fit and fantastic’ is priceless!
How do you really want to answer the next time someone says, “How are you?” Want to be “amazing”? Click here and schedule your FREE Commit to Being Fit Fast Track Planning Call!
You know exactly how you want to feel!

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