Stop Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals Just Because It’s The Weekend

Stop Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals Just Because It’s The Weekend

I know you deserve a great weekend! 

And for most people, treating themselves to a great night out with friends  and good food and some booze always sounds perfect!

But the question is, do you want to sabotage your fitness & diet goals just because you feel you deserve a fun night? 

And even worse for some of us, this fun night turns into consistent fun nights thinking we will start over on Monday. Just stop.
I know I’ve been there!! Stop sabotaging yourself!
If this is how you feel most of the time, I dare you to hit REPLY to every email I send you on Fridays to let me know how you slip up. I know I am just now coming back strong, three weeks after my NY vacation, so I GET IT!!! Here’s what keeps me committed to my goals and still having fun!
My secret is simple! I motivate myself by watching awesome videos to keep me pumped and on track. And I eat clean healthy food 90% of the time. Write back and let me know if you are up for an end of the summer challenge. Let’s get back on track after the summer and finish the year strong with those goals of ours!
A Total-Body Bootcamp to Tighten and Tone
I love the energy these girls put into their work on this video.
It always helps to have a fun workout routine & which is easy to follow!
Try to fit this into your weekend activities!
I love everything paleo!
If you haven’t tried any paleo diet and don’t know how to start, check this video to help you get started and try some basics on your weekend free time!
Change your mindset, Change the game
What mindset do you have?
Do you always think you are stuck at something and will never go forward?
Or you are always being positive that no matter what you encounter in your life, you can always improve and leverage where you’re great at?
Be your own game changer and have a growth positive mindset. All things will fall into place!

Lisa Goldenthal
Cheers to staying fit & healthy!
Lisa Goldenthal
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