Thanks for being patient with our Tech Gremlins! (Replay inside)

Thanks for being patient with our Tech Gremlins! (Replay inside)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you to all who took the time to attend the webinar last Saturday. Thank you for your patience after all that tech problems we have encountered.

But if you missed the webinar last Saturday and Monday, you can watch the replay below! 🙂

If you were on my webinar, then you now know the 6 Steps Fat Blaster Formula for Losing the MOST Stubborn Pounds FOR GOOD!

But knowing the six steps is not nearly the same thing as TAKING the 6 steps. For most people, it’s not a lack of information that keeps them fat and unhealthy, it’s a lack of IMPLEMENTATION!

So how about we retrain your brain to think thin by wiring it for IMPLEMENTATION over the long haul…

Most people want to be thinner and healthier, but life, habits, patterns and blocks keep them from structuring their thoughts and habits in a way that supports their health and fitness goals.

That’s why having a framework of support is so important. 

And it’s why I’m offering a limited number of F*R*E*E “Fit Body Framework” sessions!

I normally charge $300.00 for these sessions, but for a limited time, I’m doing them completely free of charge!

On this 30 minute call, we’ll discuss your unique personal situation (bring me every crappy situation- your divorce, your 80 hour a week job or WHATEVER it is that keeps you stuck) and we will lay out a plan of action to bust through it all and get you the body you want!

So, if you’re ready to get off the dieting treadmill and finally feel empowered to get and KEEP that lean, fit body you’re imagining, then it’s high time we chat! NO strings attached but at the very least get on the phone and get your questions answered!

I only have 10 spots available, so be sure to BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW.

Lisa Goldenthal
See you in a few!
Lisa Goldenthal
(310) 991-0801

P.S.:  I spend most of my day serving my private clients so I truly only have 10 spots available. Be sure to schedule your session now.  No fluff, no B.S. My #1 goal is to empower you to BLAST THE FAT and keep it off… forever! CLICK HERE to claim your free session.

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