The real reason you are not losing weight (HINT: It’s not genetic!)

The real reason you are not losing weight (HINT: It’s not genetic!)

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce my friends and colleagues, David Essel who actually comes out from in front of the camera to let me interview him! And nutritionist, Heather Nicholds makes time for me in the airport in the Bahamas.

In these informative interviews we address what is the number one cause of weight gain, what causes emotional eating, and how you can get plenty of protein and lose weight if you are vegan, and the powerful effects of a vegan diet.

Truly an inspirational set of interviews you don’t want to miss!

David Essel
For more than 20 years David Essel has dedicated his life toImage helping people create a powerful, fun, and connected existence. His work as a radio and television host, life and business coach, and professional speaker has allowed him the opportunity to explore numerous paths that has led him to a greater understanding of everyone’s true potential on earth. David is the author of four books on personal growth and is connected to the belief that while life at times can be very challenging, at any moment we have the ability to shift and become the person we’ve always wanted to be. David’s work has been highly praised by Fortune 500 companies and national television and radio networks, as well as by hundreds of his personal clients whom he has coached since 1992.
David is offering two gifts for you. The first one is the Chapter 1 of the best selling “The Myth of Positive Thinking” and a chance to win a $3,000 1-on-1 coaching package with him!

Heather Nicholds

ImageHeather Nicholds is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who helps newly minted vegans and health enthusiasts fully nourish their bodies so they have the energy to enJOY their lives.

Heather is offering a free gift called, “7-day series to nourish your body and crowd out the crap.”

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