This will help you get focused this weekend!

This will help you get focused this weekend!

Happy autumn, don’t wait until new January first to make your resolutions, right now is the perfect time to think about rocking out those skinny jeans and festive clothes for the holiday season. I know sometimes the process of losing weight is a daunting task but stay with me and let’s do this!
My point is, committing to be fit is not easy, but it’s worth it!
Here are some tips to boost your energy & confidence before working out:
     1. ) Make use of media
  • Listen to great music, watch motivational workout videos, listen to fitness   podcast
  • Look at some fitness inspiration online (I love fitness Instagrammers!) #fitspo #fitlife
     2. ) It’s all in the mind
  • Always think that You Can Do It and You Will Do It!
  • Food, caffeine, supplements
  • It’s basic. Our bodies biggest source of energy comes from the food we eat!
  • Eat energy-boosting foods
  • You may also take safe energy supplements or multivitamins
  • Grab a cup of coffee or anything with caffeine before hitting the gym
  • However, a word of caution, caffeine only offers a temporary boost of energy. Some may feel a crash after the effect of the caffeine wears off.

Total Body Tone Up
This workout is LEGIT and perfect for your busy schedule! Switch up your cardio routine with these moves to have a more toned body in weeks! Do it for the flex, fam! ☺
Paleo Classic Roast Chicken Legs
This recipe’s result is to die for! A bit inclusion of spices but still good to share with anyone who doesn’t like spicy food. I love the easy-to-follow prep instructions from this video.
Don’t Quit – Workout Motivation
We all need to see this. Pre-gaming before you hit up the gym the right way!
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Happy Weekend!
Lisa G. <3

Lisa Goldenthal
Cheers to staying fit & healthy!
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