If you’ve ever had a moment where you dreaded going to an event because you weren’t happy with how you looked, take a minute, and read this email.

Shorts, tank-tops, swimsuit and wedding season are all upon us.

Listen, we all know it’s supposed to be “what’s on the inside” that counts, and that’s certainly true.

But let’s be honest — it stinks to look in the mirror and not love what you see; to regret the fact that you didn’t start sooner; to then deal with the self-loathing that comes with that rude awakening (or with seeing your legs under the harsh fluorescent lighting of the dressing room!); to dread the things that are supposed to be fun because you don’t feel good about yourself.

And it isn’t just extra pounds that hold YOU back!

Every single one of us has some kind of weight that our body is aching to let go of:

Physical weight….(Inches and pounds)

Emotional weight…(Forgiveness, heartache, lack of confidence, disappointment)

Spiritual weight…(Fear, unfulfillment, confusion)

Life isn’t meant to be heavy, but as human beings we struggle with all kinds of real and metaphorical dumbbells that make us work way too hard for not enough in return.

There is an easier way. If you are ready to release ALL of the weight keeping you feeling stressed, ashamed, and uncomfortable, then I have great news for you!

I have created a FREE virtual boot-camp just for you!​​​​​​​

Join my FREE “Commit to Being Fit Body Breakthrough Bootcamp” and BREAK THROUGH the physical, mental, and spiritual barriers to feeling ALIVE and at home in your body again!

I interviewed over 20 other “fitness and lifestyle experts” to walk you through a TOTAL body and wellness makeover.

And, beginning on June 27, you can have access to these interviews, (at NO cost!) as well as the high-value bonus material and free gifts offered by the experts.

It’s time to stop with the excuses and finally commit to a healthier lifestyle. This inspiring series will show you how to:

  • Set attainable fitness goals & accept accountability
  • Prepare a menu that includes well-balanced nutrition throughout the day.
  • Squeeze in cardio, even when you’re busy
  • Incorporate yoga into your workout routine
  • Cook meals that are healthy and taste great
  • Create a mindset that supports ongoing success

What if I told you that losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult?

That getting happier doesn’t have to be difficult?

That feeling more energetic can actually be a quick and easy fix?

What if your body is actually programmed to RELEASE the heaviness and burdens it’s carrying around, and all you need to do is flip the switch and set the wheels in motion?

That’s the most important part. YOU have to flip that switch. YOU have to take action. But you don’t have to join a fancy gym or buy a $400 juicer. All you have to do is register HERE and get your daily Body Breakthrough lesson and start implementing!

It won’t cost you a dime and you can absorb all of this great information from the comfort of your own home.

I am also creating a private Facebook community exclusive for boot-camp participants. You can ask questions and get tons of support from the experts and other women going through the class too!

Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this event. Click HERE to save your spot today.

See ya over there!!!


Lisa Goldenthal

(310) 991-0801