I hope your May is off to a healthy start.

And since it’s officially May, you know what that means – we are almost half way through the year! We all probably are losing our grip with our new years resolution and slowly dipping to those treats, it’s hard not to with all of the sweet treats and sugared-packed drinks handed our way.

I need you to promise me that you will NOT be a victim this year.

Don’t panic. I’m not asking you to diet right NOW. And I’m not asking you to sacrifice your “mingling” time for an extra hour on the treadmill. What I am asking of you is very simple: Be aware.

You need to know what you’re eating and how often you’re moving each day. It’s okay to nibble on a piece of candy but be sure to take the stairs down from the office and not the elevator. Or grab that parking spot across the lot from Target, versus the closest one possible.

You see, I don’t diet. I stopped dieting decades ago. I stopped because dieting doesn’t work. It’s helps us temporarily but it never, ever ends in a permanent solution for optimum health. And that’s what I want for you. I want you to live a life where you are comfortable in your body and confident with how you look. I don’t want you to ever feel guilt for “cheating” or imprisoned to your workout routine.

The key here is to be aware. Grab your notebook or electronic notepad – whatever works for you. Use an app or your FitBit. Just always, always be aware and, the pounds will just fall off.