Will you be the next weight loss success story?

Will you be the next weight loss success story?

Alright, , here’s the deal….
This email has reached your inbox because you expressed interest in losing weight and keeping it off.

And I know enough about you to suspect that you’re fairly successful in other areas of your life.  

But what I can’t figure out is why a successful person like you is still waiting to take the first step.

My only guess is that you must be skeptical.

And I suppose I don’t blame you.

The fitness industry is full of hype. 

And that is why I’m offering you a 30 minute, no strings attached, session with me. 

Because I understand your skepticism… but I’m not about to let you use it as an excuse!

I care too much about your stubborn self! 😉

And I know I can help you to retrain your body and your brain for weight loss success.

These calls are a POWERFUL first step!
I’ve been doing this for years, so this is how these calls go down.
You tell me your story, your blocks, the reasons you feel you can’t lose the weight, and I will tell you exactly what I think is really going on and how we can change it. 
This session is going to elevate you into the mindset that you are ALREADY THE THIN PERSON that you want to be because I’m going to show you how it doesn’t start with counting calories and running miles, but with a THOUGHT PROCESS—the kind of mindset shift that champions, CEO’s and marathon winners use to take that goal in their heads and make it real. 
And I’ll give you some super quick, effective fat-loss tips too so that you walk away with BOTH the mindset shift and a fat-blasting strategy you can try right away. 
If you’re ready to live in a new body, grab your free session today and we’ll get starting retraining your brain for weight loss success!

Lisa Goldenthal
Cheers to staying fit & healthy!
Lisa Goldenthal
(310) 991-0801

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