Yes, You can Fit Fitness in!

Yes, You can Fit Fitness in!

Feeling Fit, and committed yet with a plan? Okay, great, let’s get Day 5 started! Our next experts have stories that will inspire you in many ways. Holly Kouvo teaches us her hacks, tips, tools and tricks that she uses to help clients lose weight for years! And Angela Atkins shares her health hacks that she used to lose over 50 pounds herself!

Angela and Holly prove that you can be Fit and Fabulous and Fierce… lose weight, eat healthy, at any age.

Holly Kouvo
Holly Kouvo of Fitting Fitness In® is a certified Personal Trainer,Image Group Fitness instructor, Nutrition Specialist and a Functional Aging Specialist. Holly has taught fitness classes for over two decades and has been working as a personal trainer for more than fifteen years. Holly is the author of Fitting Fitness In for Weight Loss and Healthy Living and has published articles in several national magazines and websites. She has released exercise DVD’s and had a weekly radio spot—“Holly’s Helpful Hints”—on Career/Life Balance Radio for 2 ½ years. Holly has been interviewed on several television stations and speaks regularly on topics pertaining to health, fitness, motivation and weight loss.

Holly is offering a free gift called, “Fitting Fitness In for Weight Loss and Healthy Living” E-book.

Angela Atkins
Angela is the founder of Your Health Unbound™, an online resourceImage dedicated to empowering individuals to look at their whole health picture, equip them with the information they need take control of their health, and be their own best health advocate. Using an integrative approach to bridge the gap between conventional and functional medicine.

​​​​​​​Angela is offering a free gift called, “Do You Really Know What You Are Eating?: 11 Hidden Facts You Never Knew About Nutrition Labels.”

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