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As a weight loss and transformational coach, I help women and men lose weight, get in shape and achieve unstoppable confidence both online via Skype and in person. I help people deeply connect to their ‘why’. Lisa G Fitness is all about accountability and progress; if you don’t have the right coach and community holding you accountable, it is ten times harder to reach your goals. It simple makes my day to know that I have helped you achieve your goals.

Weight Loss Coach, Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

Lisa G - Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Fitness Expert

I have a reputation for providing realistic, customized, and affordable services that are unmatched in the area! I take great pride in having built this positive reputation over years of hard work and education. I love inspiring people to make healthy choices and to be the best that they can be at any age.

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LA Corporate Wellness, Weight Loss  and Fitness Retreats

Lisa G - LA Corporate Wellness

I am certified in personal training and in group fitness. Keeping employees as healthy as possible improves productivity, profitability and mental health. In the office, or at a retreat, I’m dedicated to motivate, educate and inspire you to help you grow as a group as well as individuals, and then take those teachings home to continue on your weight-loss, fitness and wellness journeys.

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“Lisa Goldenthal is beyond a coach she is an inspiration. Lisa has helped me transform my mind so that I could transform my body…”

Learning the mindset was the key and so was her motivational attitude. I grew up heavy, and at the young age of 13 at only 5’4 I weighed in at 185 pounds. Unsure of how to go about changing my lifestyle, Lisa entered my life to give me guidance and support to become healthy. As an obese teen I felt deeply depressed especially when I compared myself to my peers at school. I was clearly the biggest girl, and it was hard to feel beautiful. Over the course of training with Lisa I learned that I am far beyond my body and that becoming healthy was far more important than being “skinny.” Through consistent diet and exercise I was able to lose 65 pounds in 2 years. I am so proud that I have maintained my weight for over 10 years. The most important past of this was setting my mind up for success every single morning.

Lisa’s coaching was fun but challenging. The morning mindset ritual allowed me to push myself in ways that built my confidence. Now working out is a part of my life, and I love it. Lisa taught me to love to workout, eat healthy and be optimistic. She is a motivation for me to continue a healthy lifestyle and appreciate my body for what it is. Lisa has the ability to help her clients get into phenomenal shape and transform their minds into being positive which ultimately allows for long- term success. I am forever grateful to have met Lisa as she has made me more happy and ambitious than I have ever been before!

Molly, Santa Monica, CA


Here at Lisa G Fitness, I can proudly state that I am known as the weight loss coach, personal trainer and fitness expert of choice for people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle in the Los Angeles, CA area.

I have produced results in my business for over 20 years using a holistic approach to good health. I encourage lowering stress levels to improve overall health, I rely on nutritional education, plus personal training knowledge to help my clients reach optimal health.

I am certified in spinning, graduated UCLA’s Personal Training Program and I have studied fitness yoga with Molly Fox. My proudest accomplishment is my popular fitness DVD titled “Skinny Jeans Workout.”

Turn to me for different training programs. I teach prenatal fitness to pregnant woman. Living a healthy life while pregnant can be trying, frustrating, and overwhelming.

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