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Executive Wellness Coach

Helping Top Executives Get Fit & Lose Weight To Maximize Performance and Energy!

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Executive Transformation Wellness Coaching

Hi I’m Lisa Goldenthal

I believe your health is your real wealth! Let me help you lead your optimal healthy, fit and energetic lifestyle. Perform at your highest level and reach the 1% of peak performance!

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Executive Transformation Wellness Coaching
Executive Wellness Fitness Coach
Executive Transformation Wellness Coaching
Executive Transformation Wellness Coaching

What’s Your #1 Health Goal?

No matter what your goal is, my scientific approach to health will help you look better, feel sharper, and perform at your peak. 

Life sometimes goes at the speed of light, and there’s so much going on in your world. Stress and tension build up and take hold of us both  physically and mentally in ways we don’t always recognize. You’ve prioritized your career and you’re there for everyone. But with too many balls in the air you haven’t had time to focus on your own wellness. 

With 25+ years experience in the fitness and wellness industry, I have helped dozens of people regain their focus and take control of their health by holding them accountable to a plan. 

Whatever your level of fitness, I will meet you where you are. I create tailor-made strategies so you can hit those 30, 60, 90-day goals, and then we can implement a regime that is not based on fad diets, but rather a lifelong healthy lifestyle. I will be your accountability partner helping you get the results that will help you look and feel on top of your game. 

Everyone is unique, so let’s find out how to implement a plan that will match your vision, and exceed your expectations to knock it out of the park.

Extremely focused CEOs, founders, and financial executives advance their career ambitions faster by hiring the right coach. Their quest of physical and mental endurance is boosted through this advantageous coaching alliance.

My Approach


This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all situation. Let’s evaluate your current situation, your goals, and your timeline so that you feel sharper, focused and balanced in turbulent times.


We are living in uncertain times. With overwhelm, overweight, sleep deprivation & daily stress from work & family! Let me help you to be more successful with both work & life. Executive Transformation Wellness Coaching


Framework to help you use your mind and body as a tool to work for you not against you! Imagine the unstoppable energy and focus that is available as we biohack your health and nutrition for more focus, success and fitness. 


Accountability is 80% of staying on track. I’m here to be your accountability partner to make sure that your health is now the #1 priority in your life. You’ve made the commitment, and I take that seriously.

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VIP Executive Wellness Plan

Coach with me in the privacy of your own home, private gym or office. You get VIP access to me via Skype, text or What’s App. Taking into account your stress levels at work, upcoming travel plans, and diet, I will create a concierge wellness plan that works in your busy lifestyle.

Your plan is unique and individualized to make it possible to build the body of your dreams permanently.

Executive Wellness Coach

Who is this for?

I work with high-impact clients who are CEOs, founders and financial executives with schedules that call for extreme focus and attention. Executive Transformation and Wellness Coaching.

Why now?

Why this is for you: Sleep deprivation, daily stress from work and family can be overwhelming.

Countless meetings and phone calls as well as last minute traveling… It’s no wonder that many of you have had to place your health last on the list of to-dos.

Let me help you to be successful with work and life.

Tune into my podcast, WholeCEO With Lisa G, where I sit down with industry leaders in business, wellness, fitness and mindset and they reveal insider secrets to being unstoppable.

 “Lisa inspires audiences to go from stuck to unstoppable in all areas of their lives – wellness, weight loss, business and mindset!” 

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