10 Tips To Becoming Bulletproof

We’ve all been through so many ups and downs. This blog topic is about becoming resilient, stronger and a more powerful YOU.
Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we are all going from one traumatic thing to the next?


BEING BULLETPROOF IS A MINDSET STRATEGY. Having a healthy body and mindset is also mission-critical to aging backwards.
Today, I am going to cover how I help my clients on a daily basis to have an Unstoppable Body & Mindset for mental and physical strength.
Remember: The secret to transforming your diet, fitness and mindset is to make small changes & build them up over time—no matter how many ups and downs life throws your way.
Your bulletproof strategy is to make small choices that matter. Positive change starts to build up over time to create lasting results and self-confidence.


Let me know if you are doing any of these strategies or if you have any suggestions that work for you!


Here are  10 things to check off:
1. Did you meditate this morning?
2. Did you take a cold shower? This will pump your body full of energy.
3. Did you walk 20 minutes today?
4. Did you choose one thing to be grateful for? Here’s why — Gratitude helps you build your happiness. Find something you’re grateful for today and write it down, or take some time to think about it. Focus on the feeling it brings up for you.
5. Did you drink more water? Your liver, kidneys, and skin — depend on water to do their jobs effectively.
6. Did you lift the weights? I love 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training or Tabata to torch fat. It gives you the exercise benefits in less time. This strategy alternates between short, strenuous exercise and periods of active rest or cardio and strength moves back-to-back. For example, a 60-second cardio sprint, followed by push-ups.
7. Did you skip breakfast? Intermittent fasting can increase your lifespan and make you more resilient to stress, I love it for the increased mental clarity. My client, Mark, just lost 10 pounds of fat and gained more energy while increasing his Human Growth Hormone levels!
8. Did you eat more fat and protein, and fewer carbs to have even levels of energy? Carbs from bread, cereal, oatmeal, and sugary foods zap your energy and lead to brain fog and inflammation. Carbs will also send your blood sugar into a yo-yo—meaning you’ll crash and burn by lunch.
Fat gives you stable energy for hours and pushes your body to burn fat for fuel. Start by removing carbs from breakfast. Instead, push back breakfast & have eggs with avocado or some wild salmon on a salad for lunch.  I just drink a cup of Bulletproof Coffee and encourage my clients to do so too for laser-sharp focus!
9. Did you eat your colors in every meal? Brightly colored vegetables contain fiber and antioxidants. This helps you fight off inflammation and disease.
10. Did you stretch or foam-roll today? Foam rolling is different than stretching. It breaks up knots in your muscles to restore normal blood flow.  Foam rolling will likely hurt if you’re not used to it. Do it anyway. You’ll increase your range of motion and decrease pain!
Stretching increases blood flow to heal your muscles, helps prevent injury, thus building stronger joints. I love yoga it’s a great way to learn how to stretch and move your body, you get tons of other benefits too!


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