2 ways you might be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

2 ways you might be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Is Your body holding you back?

In this weeks Motivation Monday’s video I spoke about 2 ways you might be Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss.

I know I have been guilty of them both. It’s not your fault. But I can help you with this.

Sometimes events that occurred in our lives were so traumatic, that until we heal them they are unconsciously triggering us to reach for food and emotionally eat. We all have our trigger foods that we reach for when we get angry hurt or sad. This is an old pattern that I help people with in my Commit To Be Fit Coaching.

Number #1: 

We eat really healthy all week long and then sabotage ourselves over the weekend with too much food and drinking. I know for sure that I have done that until I figured it out, and now I want to help you.

Number #2: 

The other way we self sabotage is to eat really well all day long and then to mindlessly eat at night. I help people learn how to stop the self sabotage and finally learn how to think thin. If you’ve ever wanted to free yourself from emotional eating hit reply, I look forward to helping you crush this pattern!

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