“Challenge is what helps us grow.”

Your challenges are your secrets to success.

The power of the pivot series is all about grit, resiliency, and persistence. I am bringing on some special guests to inspire you in this series.

When you have grit you’re able to stay optimistic and determined despite adversity and challenge because the challenge is what helps you grow into stronger, more resilient leaders.

Like anything else, learning to face adversity with courage full speed ahead takes practice.

Before I jump in with my guests I am going to give you five hacks to power up your resilience and thrive.




Hack#1 Check your responses

How you respond when challenges come up has an effect on how quickly you can conquer the challenges, try waiting a few minutes or seconds before you respond rather than react.

Let me know in the comments if you do this.


Hack #2 Replay good things for happiness

Spend 2 minutes replaying something good that happened before you go to bed or first thing in the morning. I do this after my meditation.

Let me know if you do it too.


Hack #3 Lean into this opportunity to reinvent yourself

I love this chance to reinvent and rebrand. Almost all of you are undergoing some form of reinvention…so we’re all in it together.

Let me know if you’re into reinvention like me?

To be unstoppable decide what you want to be, visualize it, commit to your vision and take action daily!


Hack#4 Get used to doing hard things

To embrace challenges, start today with small hard things like making healthier food choices or signing up to do a challenging workout. Challenge yourself to do hard things to build your resiliency muscle, this makes it easier to do bigger hard things.

The more you practice being uncomfortable, the more comfortable you’ll be in times of discomfort.


Hack #5 Meditation strengthens your grit

It focuses your mind so that you can eliminate fear, instill confidence, & crank up your motivation. Meditation is my favorite mental toughness upgrade and part of my morning routine! Studies prove that meditation fortifies the brain’s “grit” center.

This is the time to focus on what you do want in your life!

“The point of a morning routine is to feel courageous, bold, and ready to take on the rest of the day.” -Evan Carmichael



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