Make 2022 your best year with 5 science-based hacks to trick your brain into helping you become the person you want to be.

Let’s make this year different so that you don’t give up on your resolutions!

Here are 5 hacks to trick your brain into helping you accomplish your goals:



Hack #1 According to Inc. magazine, step one is to acknowledge that it is fantastic that you want to make a change, but first, you must also acknowledge that it will be difficult to permanently change your behavior.  There will be work involved in crushing a great goal.

Perseverance and hard work will be required.

Setbacks will be part of the process, every successful person has failed more than once; that’s one reason they’re successful today. I know I have let me know if you agree, For example, Elon Musk has failed, many times — and has overcome big setbacks.

It’s important to understand that challenges, roadblocks, and setbacks will be part of the process.

The magic formula to actually achieving big goals is having an expert guide you along the bumpy road. The science proves that when you start by expecting, to fail sometimes it will be easier for you to keep going when times actually do get tough that’s part of the process!

When you work with me I’ll help you to achieve your big goals with accountability, because the process works when you bring the mental toughness required


Hack #2 Step two according to psychology today is to turn the goal into a habit by linking it to other habits you already do automatically.

Let’s start with assuming that you brush your teeth every night before bed, but your goal is you want to start using a water pick or start a bedtime yoga or meditation practice.  In this example, brushing your teeth is the habit, and using your water pick or bedtime yoga and meditation is the goal.

A recent study found that habits and goals are stored differently in the brain. There is a region responsible for converting goals into habits.

The best way to get your goal to become a habit is by being consistent. Work toward your goal every day, even if you don’t feel like it. You need to set aside a specific time each day, or a specific context. For example, you can do your bedtime yoga stretches, meditation or water every day at  9 p.m, or immediately after brushing your teeth. The more consistent the behavior, the more easily your brain can convert it into a habit.


Hack #3 You need to change your environment.

Sometimes a fresh environment is all you need to kick your brain into gear.  Scientists discovered that a new location makes you more likely to change your habits.

Environmental cues are essential when it comes to forming habits. For example, if you like to snack while watching a movie it can be hard to resist the popcorn even if you’re not hungry.

Instead of giving up on your goals, take a look at your surroundings:  Try sitting in a different chair or location next time you watch TV.


Hack #4 Use dopamine to your advantage.

Dopamine acts as a motivator, creating a sensation of pleasure when your brain is stimulated by achievement, when you get something you want—like a promotion or a kiss your brain releases dopamine. This chemical is often known as the “feel-good” neurotransmitter.

You can manipulate your dopamine levels by setting small goals and then accomplishing them. For example, your brain may receive a spike in dopamine if you promise yourself that you’ll clean out your desk, and then you do it.  Dopamine is also involved in maintaining attention

and plays a key role in keeping you focused on your goals and motivating you to attain them,  You feel good when you work towards and achieve your small and big goals. The satisfaction of completing a small task is linked with a flood of dopamine. Each time your brain feels this rewarding neurotransmitter, it will want you to repeat the associated behavior.

The next time you want to accomplish a big goal, try to break it down into smaller, dopamine-friendly chunks. If you want to work out every day, check off each day that workout on your calendar.


Hack #5 Studies found that another good way to accomplish your goal is to avoid telling other people about them, because letting other people know what you’re up to can give you a premature sense of accomplishing it.

Instead find a way to gamify it, or turn your goals into a competition. Bet on your success this year, setting goals pushes you to invest in them as if you’d already accomplished it. this sets up conditions that drive you to work towards your goal.

This is a great way to fight off the excuses like I’m too busy, I don’t want to spend the money or it isn’t the right time.


When it comes to accomplishing your goals, don’t listen to excuses telling you there’s always something standing in your way, such as money, work, or finding the time. With these Hacks and proper support and accountability, it is possible to push through and feel the dopamine buzz.

Stay consistent, change your environment. You can change your behavior this year. The hardest rep in the gym is always opening the door so just start now. Stephen King  said: “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration—the rest of us just get up and go to work.”


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