CHANGING your LIFE can’t be CHEAP!

CHANGING your LIFE can’t be CHEAP!

I’d like to have a heart to heart with you today. This email may be a little longer, so please just stay with me.
I get the pleasure of speaking to women regularly that are FIRED UP, and honestly a little fed up too.
They are ready to lose weight, get super fit and toned, get off the diet rollercoaster and feel beautiful and confident in their body. Sounds like you?
I’ve been thinking a lot about “slip-ups” lately. After all the holidays – parties, and tons drinks. They look all cute innocent but, seriously , don’t fall for it. One of those beauties will set you back a few hundred calories at minimum. 
Anyway, there’s this one time in particular that comes to mind. A little over twenty years ago this month, my sister got married. If you remember the 90’s, you can imagine what the dress looked like! I’m honestly not sure what designers were thinking in this decade but the cut, fit and fabric of this thing horrifyingly resembled the famous frock worn by “Carrie” in the 90’s remake (minus the blood!)

My point is this dress couldn’t flatter Kate Moss on a thin day. And my sister asked me to wear it. Mind you, I was about 15 pounds heavier than I am today. I worked out a ton and I thought I ate pretty healthy. But, for some reason, that number never budged.

Looking back I remember the pain of checking the scale every morning, I can clearly point out what I did wrong. But I remember the guilt and the shame and feeling like a miserable failure. Ugh. Horrible memories. I know now though that my fault was I’d try so hard during the day and I would deprive myself of any real nourishment. I’d snack a lot on sugar-packed protein bars, crackers and just about anything that claimed to be “low fat.”

I had this wedding coming up. It was my sister’s big day and I need to fit in (and rock) the dress she chose for me. Desperately, I tried supplements and diet pills. I even did some cayenne pepper cleanse thing. But then, I tried it on again and I finally got it to look okay (whew). I remember sucking my breath in so deep while my mom tugged on that zipper for me. It finally fit. I was on the road to finally figuring it out. I wore my best smile and it was genuine because I loved my sister but something was missing: my confidence.
It wasn’t too long after this day that I decided to make a real change. A permanent one. I recognized carbs (and eating them mostly at night) to be the enemy here. And, like I do with any aggressive enemy, I took the mother down. I continued my strenuous workout routine but I cut out all complex sugars. I can’t begin to even tell how much this helped.
My point is – I get it. I understand what it’s like to struggle for balance. Finding the time and money to achieve long-term results isn’t easy. But it’s possible and I want to show you how. With my five step formula, there will no longer be that pain of trying to feel comfortable in your own skin.
Stop coming up with so many reasons why you shouldn’t take care of yourself. These reasons seem to make sense…
“I don’t have the time.”
“I don’t have the money.”
“I’ve tried it all before and it won’t work for me.”
“I have to take care of my family first.”
I want you to know I understand, because I’ve been there.
I moved to Los Angeles without much money or any idea how I would make it, no trust fund or real strategy.
But what I did have was PASSION, and I was not going to be a victim and let my life just be so-so. Or just ok.
Eff that! I wanted a life that was AMAZING!
AND I was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.
Here’s the scoop: I prayed, I meditated, I worked and I invested in myself before I felt ready.  
The universe works that way. In order for your life to change you can’t be cheap with yourself.
Cheap with time, with attention or with money. Because in my experience, it never is really about the reason… it’s just that we are afraid.
And I want to ask you:
What would YOU do if you weren’t afraid?
Who would you allow yourself to BE?
This contrast is what is keeping you stuck.
Stuck feeling less than in your body.  Stuck feeling like your best years are over.  And stuck feeling like you’ll never be able to loose those last 10lbs. we all know that losing weight isn’t easy, I know I’ve been there, I can help.

I am here to help you.

Now is your opportunity to create the life you want today.
So, tell me , what’s standing in your way of getting into those “skinny jeans”? Just reply to this email and let me know what you think is standing in your way from having that dream body,and I will help you work through it. Let me know why it is important and how you think I can help you.
If you are ready to get into action and are tired of your “reasons” simply reply to this email or click the button below.
Lisa Goldenthal
Talk to you soon!
Lisa Goldenthal
(310) 991-0801
P.S Write back and let me know how you slip-up!

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