Does emotional eating controlling you?

Does emotional eating controlling you?

I was just thinking about you!
You and I have probably crossed paths with “Emotional Eating” in one of the lowest points of our lives.
Emotional eating means you’re in a fight against how you’re feeling instead of stepping back, tuning in, and working WITH your emotions.
No amount of food will soothe feelings of sadness, frustration or anger. 
You’ll get momentary food induced euphoria, only to feel worse because you’ve let yourself down and sabotaged your weight loss efforts….. again.


These simple actions will help you develop the consistency and accountability you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

1. Grab a notebook or journal and start recording your vision of what an ideal routine would look like. What time you want to wake up, which meals you have planned for the day, exercises scheduled, etc. Developing this habit is the first step to establishing consistency.

2. Print a calendar or draw one on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Each day you follow-through with your set schedule, give yourself a star. 🙂

3. Recruit a friend. Goals are best when followed in pairs or groups, so buddy up and encourage your friends to start their new healthy routines.

4. Schedule your FREE accountability call with me NOW. I have a few spots left, so CLICK HERE and let’s talk ASAP. I’d love to discuss your short-term goals, as well as your overall vision for 2017. I’m here to help in any way that I can, so CLICK HERE and we’ll chat this week.

5. Join our FREE Facebook Community for daily support and accountability. We’re all in this together, so let’s post daily on our progress and help to encourage and motivate one another.

I want you to take a moment to really think about your health and fitness goals. Close your eyes and picture yourself at your ideal weight. Now, we’re going to work backwards and set some tangible goals to help you achieve that end result you’re envisioning.

This should be fun – I’m excited.

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