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Lisa G. Fitness is The #1 Executive Wellness Fitness Coach

I work with high impact clients that are CEOs and executives with busy schedules that call for a coach to hold them to the highest level of accountability.

I am here to make sure your dreams and visions are not put on the back burner.

Many leaders focus on their career while compromising other aspects of their well-being.

HERE IS THE Truth bomb: it doesn’t matter how successful you are without your health. Our ultimate goal is to help you perform at the top of your game in all areas of your life, not just in your career or family.

Work with me to decrease stress to increase your quality of life and productivity, and increase energy levels.

Dear Busy Executive,

A mistake I see many executives make when starting a home/office workout is to not make a well calculated plan in advance. They quickly buy expensive equipment which they really do not need, or believe they must do certain kinds of exercises which they truly dislike.

While many executives make this mistake because they believe whatever is currently popular is the method they must try, others do not realize that a home/office workout is meant to be fun!

You can avoid both of these mistakes by making a well thought through workout plan that is right for you.

The first point to consider is what you, yourself, enjoy. If you do not choose routines which you enjoy doing, you might dislike it so much that you quit.

You may force yourself to continue doing them, while hating every minute of it. Instead, by focusing on the types of routines which interest you the most, you will be well-motivated each time you do your routines, enjoy them much more, and move closer and closer to your goals.

The second point to think about is your own particular needs. While this will be discussed further in later chapters, it is something which you should consider.

Is your main priority to develop “six-pack” abs, to change a flabby body into lean muscle, have more energy throughout the day or to gain overall strength? When clearly you address your goals, it will be easier to choose the workout which focuses on these goals.

There is another, equally-important reason for making a laser focused plan before you begin. Making a plan also gives you control of your home/office workout experience.

If you think about it, this is true about anything worthwhile in life. If you begin something without first putting some careful thought into planning, you can end up with an entire course of action that is not suitable for you.

You may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, discouraged, and confused. You might not even be sure if you are making any real progress.

Making a good plan will eliminate all of these worries and give you the home workout routine that you will love to do on a regular basis. You will be more satisfied with the results, and happier with yourself.

How do you go about making a home/office workout plan? You can begin by setting goals which include reasonable expectations. If you want that perfect body, you can have it– but you cannot have it overnight!

You also cannot have it without work! When you set your goals, and include reasonable expectations about how much work you will need to do and how long it should take for you to see results, this is the foundation of a good plan.

A solid plan also includes some leeway for error. For example, you may choose a specific exercise, but soon discover that it is not right for you. Even if you give it your best effort, you may find that it causes too much pain or discomfort, or places too much emphasis on a certain part of the body.

When you are making your home/office workout plan, allowing room for error can eliminate frustration. You will not have an unnecessary sense of failure if this is included in your plan.

A meaningful plan must be reasonable about the amount of time you can devote to your home workouts.

As no one these days has unlimited time, it is important to not commit yourself to working out for many hours each day when you cannot fit such a regimen into your daily schedule. Not only would it make your workouts a burden, it would interfere with the rest of your day’s priorities. You would end up too tired to do your job, or to enjoy quality time with your family.

However, you also cannot afford to make your home/office workouts the lowest subject on your priority list.

Logically, if you do a workout only when you feel like it, or only when it is convenient, you will not obtain the results you want. Your plan should reflect the amount of time you can put into your workouts on a regular basis, and make a point of adhering to it. No matter how busy your life may be, you can make an appropriate amount of time for your workouts.

One way to do this is to assess your everyday schedule, and decide on the best time for your workouts. Whether this means getting up a little earlier so that you can work out before you go to the office, or using half of your lunch hour to work out, it should be easy to fit your workouts into your schedule without disrupting your everyday life.

Making an advance plan will keep the chaos, confusion, and frustration out of your home/office workouts. You will know what you need to do, and when you need to do it. You will have a general idea of what kind of results you can expect to see, and how long it will take before they occur.

When you add all of these factors together, your home workout will be something for you to look forward to, each and every time!

Avoid all the unnecessary pitfalls many busy executives make when searching for the right plan to stay fit, contact me (Lisa G. Fitness – the executive wellness fitness coach) for a no-hassle consultation.

Executive Coach Lisa G
Executive Coach Lisa G - Fitness Coach in Santa Monica
Executive Coach Lisa G
Executive Wellness Fitness Coach
Executive Wellness Fitness Coach
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