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I love being the fitness expert of choice for people in the Los Angeles, CA area. I have a reputation for providing realistic, customized, and affordable services that are unmatched in the area! I take great pride in having built this positive reputation over years of hard work and education.

I am certified in personal training and in group fitness. Many companies realize the importance of keeping employees as healthy as possible. It improves productivity, profitability, and mental health. By hiring me as their fitness expert, companies can get a valuable tax deduction. What company would not want to do that? I can customize programs to meet company objectives and other goals. Just give me a call to find out how I can help!

My proudest accomplishment is the “Skinny Jeans Workout”. This was a groundbreaking DVD that sold thousands of units in Target, has been written about in dozens of publications and helped put me on the map. I developed all of the multitasking exercises that maximize results and minimize time. I still get people coming up to me today and telling me they do my 15-minute workout every day at work, and it makes me feel great!

I love inspiring people to make healthy choices and to be the best that they can be at any age. It makes my day to know I have helped people make a positive change in their lives.

Contact me at Lisa G Fitness when in the Los Angeles, CA area to find out how I can be your fitness expert. I know you will be glad you did!

Lisa is available to do Fitness Expert appearances on Radio and Television.

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