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Experience a holiday to remember! Leave feeling happy, re-energized and wanting to continue your wellness journey.

On a retreat with Lisa G, you will receive personalized, fun, interactive workouts and challenges meant to help you ALL grow personally as well as physically. Whether it’s for a girls weekend, a corporate retreat or a family vacation, the needs of all individuals at all fitness levels will be met. Lisa is dedicated to motivate, educate and inspire you to help you grow as a group as well as individuals, and then take those teachings home to continue on your weight-loss, fitness and wellness journeys.

“A mindset shift matters more than just the math of calories in vs. calories out. Once you take this crucial step, you will be able to sustain your weight loss.”

Let me tell you a story about my client Brooke. We recently had a weight loss, team building, girls trip retreat in Huntington Beach. As a career driven woman and full-time mother of two young boys she confided in me that the stress of trying to manage everything was hard for her both mentally and physically. To cope, she would come home from work and have wine most nights to relax, which was causing her to retain water weight. I showed her a different way to think about this and she shifted that habit. After working with me, she has lost 20 pounds of the baby weight she had gained during pregnancy.

One of my favorite quotes by the late Wayne Dwyer is “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Lisa G speaks about her client Brooke Emerling

Holidays and Retreats that Last a Lifetime

I’m here to help you find the motivation and determination to set you on the right path for your trip, but more importantly, your return home.
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