Hey are you a weekend warrior?

Hey are you a weekend warrior?

Some of you have really busy schedule trying to juggle between work, family, social events and other sudden activities during the weekdays.
But that should not give you an excuse to slack off and totally let go of working out!
If you cannot exercise every day, working out at weekends still gives real benefits.
You just have to unleash that weekend warrior in you! Aim to have any of the following workouts:
  • 30min run (with lots of sprint intervals)
  • 45min spin class on Saturday and Sunday to neutralise stress
  • 2.5hr bike ride
  • 45min swim
  • 30min home workout, alternating 10x
  • squats, 10 x press-ups, 10 x burpees
  • and 60sec planks
  • 45min Zumba or Boxercise class
  • 40min group circuit, alternating
  • between 45sec of squats, side planks,
  • burpees, Russian twists and skipping
  • 60min gym boot camp
There are many more others you can do at home and squeeze into your weekend schedule!
Let me help you find the perfect routine. Hit that reply button!
Cheers to a Fit Body, Fab Life!
Lisa G
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