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Are you healthy, focused, and energized? Lisa G. will help you design a robust wellness program that will result in you being more fit, happy, and productive.

Lisa’s executive wellness programs meet you at your level, regardless of your current condition, giving you an opportunity to reclaim your personal and business life with noticeable, positive changes that will positively impact your health and your business.

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Losing weight can be frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. There is conflicting information in the marketplace, on the Internet, and in all types of publications. That is where my company, Lisa G Fitness, comes to the rescue ( remove LA Area) My book was voted best weight loss book in Loss Angeles.

Weight loss is a delicate topic that requires advanced training, nutritional insight, and knowledge about body physiology. I know I can help and deliver you lasting results. As a weight loss expert, my clients can be certain that I customize a program that satisfies individual goals, objectives and needs.

Executive Wellness Coach


On a retreat with Lisa G, you will receive personalized, fun, interactive workouts and challenges meant to help you ALL grow personally as well as physically. Whether it’s for a weekend, a corporate retreat or a family vacation, the needs of all individuals at all fitness levels will be met. Lisa is dedicated to motivate, educate and inspire you to help you grow as a group as well as individuals, and then take those teachings home to continue on your weight-loss, fitness and wellness journeys.

Executive Fitness Coach


Helping High-Impact CEOs, Senior Executives & Founders by Holding You to the Highest Level of Accountability to 10 X Your Productivity & Energy to Be more Successful. Imagine in 90 days achieving dramatic fitness results, using my Boss Weight Loss System, without any fads, crash diets or spending hours in the gym. Using the same techniques that my celebrity clients use. Find out how Halle Berri, Jennifer Anniston, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman stay in shape, loose weight, have more energy and age backwards with my exact system.

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“Lisa does a wonderful job of helping me fit exercise and healthy eating into my busy business schedule.”

Since I’ve been working with her, my blood pressure is 20 percent lower, my waist size is down 2 sizes and I have lost the last 11 pounds. I feel like a new man. I really appreciate how knowledgable you are about diet and exercise and how to make the healthier choices when I am out at dinner. It is super helpful to have you as a partner, keeping me accountable to the tracking of the calories makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for helping me cut down on empty calories, especially white carbs and sugars, and teaching me that consistency is the ticket to maintain my new weight loss.

Henry Loubet, Chief Executive Officer, Bohemia Health

Fitness and Wellness Plans That Works

Help your employees reach their health goals and create the workplace culture you’re looking for with a comprehensive health and wellness plan.


MyInertia Case Studies

MyInertia Case Studies provide supporting evidence for the success of corporate wellness programs in a number of markets, such as hospital health plans, schools, corporate and small business environments. From the Cleveland Clinic Report: Over the past six years Cleveland Clinic have proven that a true population approach to wellness can […]

What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?

Employee wellness programs have often been viewed as a nice extra, not a strategic imperative. But the data show otherwise. The ROI on comprehensive, well-run employee wellness programs can be as high as 6 to 1. The most successful programs have six essential pillars: engaged leadership at multiple levels; strategic […]

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