While we can’t control all of the factors that are causing stress these days, it’s important to have ways to boost your mood and be happier.


With your hectic schedules and the pandemic, many of us have experienced anxiety and trauma.


I know I have…


As a high-performance coach for executives, each week I bring you tips to give you the edge with fitness, mindset, and nutrition strategies.


You need self-leadership in these times of uncertainty.


Here are 5 science-backed hacks you can take to change your outlook and feel less overwhelmed so that you can be happier.






Hack #1: Stay connected

Healthy relationships can help us face our challenges and celebrate our wins.


It’s important to make time for your friends, maintain a sense of humor, and work on having good communication and conflict resolution skills.



Hack #2: Make room for the things that you enjoy

With so many stressful things in your schedule, it’s important to make room for activities that make you happy!


This can be challenging, but definitely not impossible.


I am making time to ski and hike this winter because being in the mountains makes me happier.


What fun activities you can schedule that makes you happy?



Hack #3: Get help when you need it

Can you delegate some of your tasks?


Can you ask for support from friends or a professional?


This can make a big difference in how you feel. Reach out to your network for support, whether it’s a colleague, friend, family member, or a coach.



Hack #4: Make self-care & meditation a priority to decrease stress levels

Breathing, getting enough sleep, and meditation are simple daily routines to manage stress.


All leadership begins with self-leadership. By not giving your body and mind enough rest you can weaken your power to deal with stress.


Meditation and deep breathing can help you to relax, reducing your tension and stress. I do this daily. Let me know in the comments if you have meditation and breathing practice.




Hack #5: Cut down on Energy Drains

Making a schedule with distractions such as phones, computers and TV is important in managing happiness and stress.


With our virtual presence being so important these days, having boundaries around the times when you use these distractions is key so that you use technology and not the other way around!


I took time away from my phone over the weekend and don’t look at it until I have done my morning routine including meditation.


This also helps you to remain focused on your goals.


Do you have systems in place to manage distractions and stay focused?



BONUS HACK: Regular exercise


Last but not least and an obvious option of my ways to be happier is regular exercise.

This is my favorite mood booster to help decrease the production of stress hormones, such as cortisol!

The bottom line is that health is your wealth. Maintaining your physical health and nutrition is key to the high energy levels required to lead.



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