As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to work finding balance to live my best life in order to save me from feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

I wasn’t always holding clear boundaries with my computer and phone and they were jumping in the bed with me at night.

The good news is you can get out of your own way too and focus your mind on what you want, so that you hit your goals & live your best life RIGHT NOW in these UNPREDICTABLE times.

Living a Full Life is a life where you balance the 6 main aspects of life.

Those 6 aspects are:

  1. Your Physical Health
  2. Your Family and Relationship
  3. Your finances
  4. Your business 
  5. Your Spirituality
  6. Your Mental Strength


The biggest problem that I see my clients face is the fact that they’re sacrificing what’s important and what matters to them for something they want.

Take health for example.

I see many of you working long hours but…

…by overworking, you’re sacrificing your physical and mental health.

In these uncertain times, peak performance requires fitness in all of these areas of life!

Living your best life is especially important when your plate is full! 

Living your best life means leveling up to be the best version of yourself so that you can be happy and living up to your full potential. 

It means being intentional about the way you choose to live and living your life in a way that lines up with your values and goals.

Getting there requires that you master both the internal and external factors that could prevent you from living your best life.

You have to FIND a way to balance different aspects of your life.

For me, I have finally developed a framework which has helped me put my life together in a way that is more fun, and I’d love to share that framework so that you can live life to the fullest WITHOUT sacrificing because sacrifice sucks!


Here are 10 questions I ask myself to live my best life.

I challenge you to do the same and let me know what you would add!

  1. Did I follow a mindful morning routine and focus on the feeling state of what ever I am grateful for and working on achieving in advance?
  2. Did I workout for at least 20 minutes ? 
  3. Did I not drink or drink in moderation? 
  4. Did I eat healthy?
  5. Did I fast? 
  6. Did I get up early?
  7. Did I drink half body weight in water? 
  8. Did I take cold showers?
  9. Did I get 7-9 hours of sleep?
  10. Did I give away my power to things outside of my control?


Here’s why that’s important.

On the average, you have 60k thoughts a day and most of these thoughts are negative and repetitive from the day before. 

Your mindset is the biggest key to getting out of your own way to live your best life! When you recondition your mind to think differently you rewire your brain. 

Changing your brain changes your business along with every area of your life.  

All you have to do is DECIDE what you want.

To override my DNA/reptilian brain & knowing I wake up and feel anxious I practice mindfulness and a strict meditation and gratitude practice. What works for you?

Are you ready to crush the last half of this year?

Commit right now to making the  time to put your personal life and health at the top of your list not just your business. 

Imagine if for the next 30 days you just focus on living your best life, what your business and life would look like? 

My clients are always profoundly moved when they start seeing outer changes because they are focusing more on the inner changes. 

Don’t believe me?

Do the work. 

Commit yourself to have a breakthrough and you’ll get it!




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