I’ve got BIG NEWS!

I’ve got BIG NEWS!

Throughout my years as a fitness professional, I would have to call January (probably!) is the most popular month for people to reach out for help with their goals.
Why, you wonder? Well, there’s the obvious reasons. There’s the thought of “if I don’t control it now, the sugar may seriously take over my life and my body!” Another common one is to get a head-start on New Years Resolutions. “I need to be fit for 2018,” “My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight and get a sexy body!
These are all very valid reasons to feel motivated. But the reason that I, personally, most resonate with is the last one. A goal is a goal is a goal. We all make them and most of us break them. When I set a goal, whether it be a New Year’s Resolution, or even a sales goal for my business – I don’t ever give up.
WHY am I sharing this with you?
I truly believe it is when you choose to commit to your goal — no matter what comes your way — that’s when the real magic happens.
And it all BEGINS by letting someone help you.
So — I’d love for you to share with me what YOUR bigger goals and dreams are.. because when you say them aloud, it feels more tangible.
Okay.. I’ve got a full day ahead of me, including another very exciting summit, coming your way soon. I am committed to rocking it out and today is what goals are all about!
I’m pretty excited right now. My “FIT BODY, FAB LIFE: The Successful Women’s Guide to Permanent Weight-loss” is launching soon (January 15, 2018)!!!
I have over 20 experts who will be sharing their stories on weight-loss, giving away FREE tips and advices to help you get that FIT BODY, FAB LIFE you have been dreaming of!

Each of the experts is also giving away a GIFT that will help you to reach your health and weight loss goals.

BIG BONUS: I’m personally giving away my “The Gluten-Free Cookbook!”

Lisa Goldenthal
See you at the summit!!
Lisa Goldenthal
(310) 991-0801

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