Imagine knowing that no matter what happens you cannot fail & you’ll bounce back. Get knocked down 7-times and get back up 8. That’s true grit and resilience. This can give you the confidence to know you’ll survive, become unbreakable and bullet-proof.


Resilience is the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, and we’ve all been through so much adversity lately. I found that a resilient mindset helps you to recover and get back on your feet faster


After the pandemic and all kinds of trauma in the last few years, including my YouTube channel getting stolen and my car being in an accident, I decided to get back up, pivot and launched my podcast about becoming unstoppable: Whole CEO with Lisa G you can create more resilience with these 4 tips.



This video is dedicated to Scott who lost his dog Tebow today and everyone that is going through a hard time!



Tip #1 — Don’t be a lone wolf

Cultivating a network of family, colleagues coaches and friends is mission-critical.  Start cultivating your relationships today, so when you need support, you have a whole network of people to help. I’m grateful to all of you & my network of family friends and colleagues that have supported me along this entrepreneurial journey.


Tip #2 — Accept that change is a part of life

2020 was a great example of change being inevitable. Becoming gritty and resilient will help you to know that you’ll survive and thrive. we’ve all had to pivot  You’re not alone.


Tip #3 — Stay solution-focused

Move toward your goals. focus on your vision of a better future and a solution to whatever problems you’re facing. What goals do you have that you can start moving toward?

Take decisive action. do something (however small) about whatever you are going through right now.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

Pain can be an opportunity to re-evaluate your life — I know I have, look at where you’ve been and where you want to go.


Tip #4 — Put your self-care first

This allows you to be there for your friends, family and business.

I know for me sleep is a game-changer in my mood and feeling unbreakable. Eat well. Try to make one change today in your self-care. Exercising and doing things you enjoy is also mission-critical.

What brings you joy? For me, it’s always exercise, travel and getting out in nature. Part of self-care is to be careful how you talk to yourself.

Focus on your strengths and stamina and grit to get you through tough times without beating yourself up. This will give you a more positive and optimistic view.



If you pay attention to the patterns in your life you’ll realize everything always works out and takes you to a greater destination. You always grow and learn. Being unbreakable means you give yourself the freedom to break, knowing you have the resilience and grit to put yourself back together again.



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