MyInertia Case Studies provide supporting evidence for the success of corporate wellness programs in a number of markets, such as hospital health plans, schools, corporate and small business environments.

From the Cleveland Clinic Report:

Over the past six years Cleveland Clinic have proven that a true population approach to wellness can bend the cost curve. We know many employers may not have access to the same resources as this world-renowned health system, but the principles of a successful program are clear:

  • Leverage the ACA to offer meaningful incentives and engage employees.
  • Focus on key behaviors (like physical activity) that make the biggest impact health risk.
  • Keep it simple. Wearables are fun and easy to use. Limited requirements cut down on confusion. Real time personal feedback supports on-going engagement.
  • Take a multi-year approach. Continue to learn from each passing year and adjust your program as necessary.
View the MyIneria Case Studies and Interview:

Cleveland Clinic Interview (MyInertia_ClevelandClinic_Interview.pdf)
School Case Study (MyInertia_School_CaseStudy.pdf)
New Plastics Case Study (MyInertia_NewPlastics_CaseStudy.pdf)
Vans Case Study (MyInertia_Vans_CaseStudy.pdf)