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High Performance Coaching for Executives

I can help you if you’re a high-Impact CEO, Senior Executive or Founder by holding you to the highest level of accountability so that you can live a longer happier  life and 10 X your productivity & energy making you even more successful.

Are you an Executive who thinks you are too busy to achieve your biggest dreams, goal body and Life? I can help you! Your Health is Your Wealth. Your Online High Performance Coach for Executives Go To Expert – Lisa G. High-Performance Coach for Executives.

As the International Best-Selling author of “The Boss Weight Loss” Permanent Success in Six Easy Steps & The Skinny Jeans Workout, you can get VIP access to me via SKYPE, text or Zoom in The Boss Plan.

You’ll receive weekly check-ins & appointments to look at things such as changes in your work, stress level, upcoming traveling plans & business meetings so you can re-adjust your plan as needed. With years of success & experience, I analyze your body & create a Concierge High-Performance plan that works for your busy lifestyle. It includes a millionaire mindset, healthy eating & exercise, so you can attain results like a boss.

If you are ready to step up your game let’s talk! – Online High-Performance Executive Coach Lisa G.

Every great athlete has a coach who managed to support & challenge them; someone who believed in them but also pushed them to be better. Business leaders need that same level of support & accountability so you can knock your personal goals out of the park.

Help with overwhelm, over weight sleep deprivation & daily stress from work & family! Let me help you to be more successful with both work & life.

VIP Boss System, High Performance Coaching

Coach with me in the privacy of your own home,  or office. You get VIP access to me via Skype, text or Zoom. Taking into account your stress levels at work, upcoming travel plans, diet, I will create a concierge High-performance plan that works in your busy lifestyle. Your plan is a unique and individualized to make it possible to build the life and body of your dreams permanently.



When it comes down to it, you want success in every aspect of your life. Whether you are a CEO focused on the company’s bottom line, or an executive working crazy hours every day, I will get you to prioritize self-care and  performance so you can finally achieve your life, success and fitness goals.


Why this is for you: Living in uncertain times, sleep deprivation, daily stress from work and family can be overwhelming. Countless meetings, zoom and phone calls as well as last minute traveling… It’s no wonder that many of you have had to place your self-care last on the list of to-dos. Let me help you to be successful with work and life, and create that ultimate balance that has eluded you to create your dream life.

Imagine in 90 days being more successful with work and life.

Because it is better to make room for health now, than illness later plus fitness is my go-to stress buster.


I help you keep up with your fast-paced lifestyles. Whether it’s last minute meetings with clients or going out for drinks to strategist with partners. You need balance in your life. You need to work out as passionately as you work.


Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Apple’s CEO is a self-described fitness nut – he wakes up at 4:30/5 am daily, and hits the gym prior to going into the office (Wall Street Journal). He asserts doing this clears his mind and prepares him for thinking more creatively.

Richard Branson,CEO Virgin Group

When author Tim Ferris’s asked the mogul how he stays productive, Branson answered “work out,” as recorded in Ferris’s’ 2010 book “The 4-Hour Body.” Branson said his physical activities, which can include swimming, Bikram Yoga, rock climbing, running, and weightlifting gives him at least four additional hours of productivity each day.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X

Keeping in mind that his work week generally clocks in at approximately 100 hours, Musk prides himself on squeezing in a workout twice a week. He generally opts for a treadmill, lifting weights, or standing on planes type of workout.

Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief

Jess Cartner-Morley at The Guardian reported that Wintour, the famed editor-in-chief of American Vogue, wakes up every morning at 5:45 a.m. to play tennis before her daily hair appointment at 6:45 a.m. This routine keeps Wintour disciplined and moving forward.

Oprah Winfrey

Being a Weight Watchers spokesperson (and investor) now, Oprah Winfrey has made her commitment to fitness clear. She says she strives to get in 10,000 steps (or around five miles) a day. “I try to do something every day that allows me to feel active, and I don’t make myself crazy about it,” the billionaire media maven told People.

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