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Concierge Level Personal Trainer in Santa Monica
Lisa G – Concierge Level Personal Trainer in Santa Monica

Let me help you step up your fitness level to improve your health and fitness and keep your immune system strong. I provide the accountability, motivation and support you needs to achieve lasting results that people notice.

All fitness programs have 3 common foundations: Diet, exercise, and hard work.

Sometimes what we really need to keep going is motivation. When I first began my fitness journey, I realized how difficult it can be to start and continue a fitness regimen without a master to get there faster. Sometimes you can feel like you don’t have the energy to even get out of bed. It is part of my job to keep you motivated and inspired. I’ll be right there with you, digging deep to complete every set, mile, and plateful of veggies. You will learn how to have unlimited energy from the minute you get out of bed!

What you eat and when you eat is a huge part of Your personal fitness journey. As your concierge level personal trainer in Santa Monica, I will tailor a custom diet plan for you to follow. Diets do not mean eating less! You are going to need a sufficient amount of calories from nutrient-rich foods to fuel your workouts. I will customize your diet to maximize your lean muscle growth, and burn the fat right off your body even while you sleep!

You need someone with experience. I have been an personal trainer for over 20 years! My credentials include ACE (American Council of Exercise) & NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) Certifications. I understand the mechanics of every exercise—and I can analyze and demonstrate/teach proper form in every exercise/technique.

I am the best female concierge level personal trainer in Santa Monica. Come to me when you are ready to begin your fitness journey.

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