Simple weight loss for BUSY women!

Simple weight loss for BUSY women!

I know you’re busy. We all are!
Whether you’re running a business or a household (or both!),
Holding positions of influence, or traveling around the world,
It’s tough to fit in diet and exercise.
And that’s when we start to feel like a bit of a fraud and a failure.
After all, we seem to have just about everything in our lives in order…
But if you’re still not 100% happy with your weight, then it doesn’t matter how great everything ELSE is going. You will have that nagging, painful awareness that comes from not feeling totally comfortable in your own skin.
Sound familiar? Your friends THINK you have it all together, but you look in the mirror and the only thing you can see is what you DON’T have figured out yet?
Then I have some really great news for you!
I want to invite you to a totally FREE masterclass called Fit Life, Fab Body- The Successful Women’s Guide to Permanent Weight-loss.
I have gathered more than 20 experts to help you FINALLY get the body you want (no matter how busy you are!).
This is no fluff, no impossible expectations, no unrealistic sacrifice!
This is real weight-loss for busy, modern women!
And it all starts on January 15th!
You are going to learn a doable, effective plan so you can permanently lose the weight, without having to completely restructure your life!
Because who has time for that!?

We’ve compiled the quickest, easiest resources for you to jumpstart your weight-loss in a way that fits into your busy, dynamic lifestyle.

AND, when you register, you’ll also get to choose from more than 20 free gifts and exercises contributed by the best experts in fitness, wellness, nutrition and the success mindset!

Lisa Goldenthal
Looking forward to supporting you in this!
Lisa Goldenthal
(310) 991-0801​​​​​​​
P.S. I’m personally giving away my “The Gluten-Free Cookbook,” so be sure to REGISTER NOW and claim your gift

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