Summer is just around the corner… Are you ready?

Summer is just around the corner… Are you ready?

So many people are looking at the calendar right now and starting to sweat. In more ways than one: feeling nervous and hitting the gym.
Why? Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes bathing suit season.
We put so much pressure on ourselves to lose weight and look good in our suits, sometimes for just one week a year when we go to the beach. It’s a little crazy if you think about it.
Why does it matter for just one season? Shouldn’t it matter all the time?
This is one reason why people have the yo-yo diet effect:
We count calories and cross our fingers when we get on the scale. Then, once we reach our goal . . . we also reach for an extra slice of pizza.
We don’t have to live this way! Losing weight and keeping it off is a matter of adjusting your practices AND adjusting your thinking surrounding your body. I figured it out and I’m in my 50’s!  

1. You know you need to exercise and eat healthy, right?
But it’s fun to relax and enjoy a cookie sometimes, too. And that’s ok! Making an activity like watching TV or a food like your favorite brownies taboo just makes you want them more. So let yourself enjoy the things you like! Just do it in moderation. Give yourself a cheat meal every week or a small piece of chocolate every day. Make Friday night movie night. Maintaining your diet and exercise routine the rest of the time—yes, I mean all year!—will become even easier.
2. Make a habit of fueling your body with what it needs to feel good.
When you boil it all down, don’t we want to lose weight because of how it makes us feel? We feel good when our clothes fit. We feel good when we can play outside with our kids (and not get TOO tired). We feel good when people compliment us on how we look. So think about your diet the same way. When your body gets enough water and protein and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, you FEEL good. When you are in the habit of doing this every day, you’ll notice a change in not only how you feel, but also how your clothes fit. Get addicted to feeling good, and the weight will come off and stay off! 

3. Rather than weight loss, make feeling good and being strong your focus.
When you obsess over counting calories and checking the scale, it’s tough to keep the weight off. The anxiety of constant dieting just isn’t healthy, so focus on building a healthier, stronger you instead. Notice what you gain: energy, muscle, confidence. All three of those are great for encouraging you one more step toward your goal!
It sounds pretty simple when you break it down. Just a few changes could keep you in your skinny jeans through fall, winter, and spring . . . and leave you sweating for all the right reasons next summer!
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