Welcome to my 100th Podcast Episode Celebration!

First of all, thank you for being here, YOU are the reason I do what I do.

Before I introduce you to some special guests, I wanted to share a little backstory on why I launched my podcast WholeCEO.

I personally have had to power up and pivot many times. My life as an entrepreneur has been a bumpy road and that’s why I want to bring you these episodes every week. It’s really not about me and how hard the pandemic has been, I had to pivot and I’m grateful for the adversity because that’s how diamonds are made.

Even though the whole pandemic came on suddenly, coinciding with my birthday on March 15th, 2020, I wanted to inspire all of you to keep going like I kept going. I want to encourage all of you to have resilience and grit too, especially as mental health and physical health have taken such a big hit during covid.

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Drop some comments where are you tuning in from and let me know if you’ve had to pivot too in your life.



Here are six ways to power up and pivot with resilience and grit.

Because if 2020’s taught us anything ya gotta’ have grit!

#1) Have an unstoppable growth mindset. Don’t believe failure is a permanent condition. 

#2) Learn to embrace challenges.

#3) View stumbling blocks not as roadblocks but as speed bumps on the path to mastery.

#4) Try to learn from criticism.

#5) Find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.

#6) Most important is to persist in the face of setbacks.

“Grit is stamina and the tendency to sustain interest & effort toward very long-term goals.”  



For my 100th Episode Live Party, I’ve invited some special guests to join me and celebrate this amazing milestone.



Jaki Sabourin

She’s a Heart-Centered Love & Dating Coach helping women date successfully, attract their life partners & live happily ever after.

She’s a Master Coach in Spiritual Life Coaching and brings a unique approach to self-empowering healing that has been clinically proven to help you achieve the greatest amount of self-help improvement in the shortest period of time. My best friend Jaki Sabourin who’s always been there for me!

📌 Watch the video and learn her Three Solutions To Every Problem.

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Reena Gupta & Rebecca Cullen

Career Interrupted is their new book! Reena founded Mom Relaunch with her passion for inclusion. They’ve written this book for anyone who has been undervalued, laid off, furloughed, hit a career rut, or struggled to reenter the workforce. They want to inspire anyone and everyone to know that work-life harmony is within your reach. My sister Rebecca Cullen is a screenwriter, author, blogger, and essayist published in the LA Times, Splitopia, and Medium. Career Interrupted is her second book. 

How can we have the power to pivot? Did you know you can swap the word failure with the word learning and at the same time have a more balanced life revolving around your strengths? And it can happen when you encompass yourself within the proper environment.

📌 In this special episode, Reena Gupta & Rebecca Cullen peel back the curtain allowing you to see “How To Reinvest In Yourself So That You Can Relaunch Better” Download this episode on Apple Podcasts

📌 Get their book, Career Interrupted on Amazon: Click Here


Dr. Stefan Deutsch

He is a Psychotherapist, expert in human development, author, President of Global Human Development, Inc. & Unified Science of Love project.

📌 How does the relationship we have with ourselves stop us from being unstoppable and have a stress-free life. Sounds too good to be true, however, during this special broadcast, Dr. Stefan Deutsch explained how the relationship we have with ourselves can stop us from being unstoppable. Download this episode on Apple Podcasts


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The party continues! We’ve launched our 8 new special episodes for the 100th celebration.

Listen to these amazing guest speakers: