If you want to lose weight, you’re not alone.

About  2 out of every 5 people are trying to shed pounds. If you’re a chronic dieter it’s likely that you’ve used food to feel better and have lost and gained the same weight over and over again but the good news is it doesn’t have to be that way!

I know this because I’ve been there myself on the yo-yo diet bandwagon because my eating and drinking habits were sabotaging my hard work in the gym, but today I no longer struggle and I learned how to retrain my mind to eat like a naturally thin person and I want that for you too.

With at least half of us on a diet and the diet industry being a 78 billion dollar industry… here’s the thing diets don’t work.

95% of them will fail, 97 percent of dieters regain everything they lost and then some within three years, while slowing down your metabolism.

If you’re addicted to food it’s harder to overcome than any other addictions, because you can completely eliminate cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs from your life but you can’t eliminate food.

If you find yourself unconsciously reaching for food, when you feel stressed, angry, or sad you need to get to the root of why you are numbing out with food in order to stop yo-yo dieting, If you don’t have the right system for weight loss, you will have to work ten times harder.

Here are three steps to help you lose the weight and keep it off!


Step one is you need to think through exactly why you’re trying to lose weight — this will help you focus on your goal throughout your journey.

Before you get started focus on this:

Why do you want to lose weight?

Next, check your mindset. Are you prepared to have the mental toughness required to do what it takes? A bulletproof mindset is required.

After that, you need to check your limiting beliefs. If you’re telling yourself you deserve a treat ask yourself what is the payoff?

Here are just a few of the excuses I’ve heard:

It’s my genetics

I always gain weight over the holidays

I’m always going to be overweight because I love food 

If I paid for it I have to eat it

I’m a chocoholic

Everything I eat turns to fat

I’ve been fat my whole life

I’m just not built thin?

The next step is you have to check your values: can you set your mind on something and give it full focus?

In order to do this, you’ll need first get to a really compelling reason why you want to lose weight and be healthy this real driving purpose will keep you going on the days you really don’t feel like it.


Step two, there are studies of people that lost over thirty pounds and kept it off found that they had these things in common, they exercise daily. They weighed themselves regularly, drank water, and watched less than 10 hours of TV a week.


Step three is you then need to learn the weight mastery techniques to train your mind to eat like a naturally thin person so that you can enjoy food without the struggle.

Here’s how to get started:

Before you eat first ask yourself…

1. Am I hungry

2. If not? why am I eating this food

3. Am I eating because I’m hungry, sad or stressed?

4. Dig a bit deeper to identify if you’re hungry or just want to numb out from something that’s bothering you?

We need to get to the bottom of why you eat when you’re not hungry.

Ask yourself these hard questions. If you’re eating from stress and not from hunger you might be able to track this back to your childhood.

You can’t substitute food for love. If you had emotionally or physically abusive parents, you need to realize that food is not love, a celebration, or a reward. You might even be subconsciously using extra weight as armor to protect yourself.

When you learn to gain mastery over food addictions and learn to eat and think like a naturally thin person you will learn how to only eat food to nourish your body.

When you learn to train your mind to eat when you’re hungry you’ll realize that nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.

To transcend this programming you won’t be able to white knuckle this with willpower

First, you must acknowledge the truth that eating too much is how you got here and next you need to love yourself the way you are.

You also need to be on the lookout for saboteurs like food pushers

Get support and start to train your mind to hear when your old limiting beliefs come up and this will help you to achieve weight mastery.

Accountability and support will help you strengthen your commitment and resolve and make sure it’s somebody that will be truthful with you and not take any of your excuses.

And finally, be patient with yourself. You won’t be able to lose 50 pounds and master a lifetime of dieting in one week, but if you try to improve 1% a day you’ll be well on your way to eating like a weight-mastered person and end the yo-yo dieting for good.


If you’re serious about getting started, reach out to me I can help!



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