Why keep waiting? *Dedicated to Howard*

Why keep waiting? *Dedicated to Howard*

It’s never too late to take your health and nutrition seriously. As I head home from a fun family wedding I wanted to share this with story with you. Last month my friend Stacey and I went skiing in Deer Valley. We met Howard at happy hour. Turns out he was also a friend of my longtime friend Mike that lives there. Mike sent me a text on Thursday that Howard had died.
I was saddened, but not surprised. Think about this, he shared with me that his father died quite young of a heart attack due to a bad diet. Let’s face it he had that family history and still wasn’t taking his diet seriously. Believe it or not we sometimes put everything else before our own health goals.
So many of  you are struggling with your weight and because of that your health suffers too..
Losing weight is easy! Within 30 days you could be well on the way to that brand new body you’ve been dreaming of. I know You can’t wait to see how new clothes fit. You can’t wait to see how a healthier you feels. And you can’t wait to stop feeling sluggish and uncomfortable and frustrated.

Maybe you’ve pictured yourself walking into a room in that new dress that hugs your body perfectly! And all heads turn! 

Or maybe you’ve pictured yourself laying in bed with the man of your dreams and hearing whisper, “You’re so beautiful!”

Who DOESN’T want all that!?!?!

So why are you waiting?It’s time to put yourself first and take your health goals seriously!

My 6-Step Fat Blaster Formula Group Coaching is a life-changing program that can help you get to the you that you’ve been dreaming of. Just think—if you start now, you will see huge results THIS YEAR! No more waiting. No more wishing.
I am going to give you Everything You Need To Find Success on Your Weight Loss Journey
  • Getting started guide to meet you where you are.
  • Nutrition plan to ensure that you’re never deprived while you repair your broken metabolism.
  • Workout plan that actually feels GOOD to do and easy to stick to. (You won’t even realize you’re exercising and you won’t have to totally change your schedule to fit it in!)
  • Mindset breakthrough activities to help you eliminate blocks and create habits that support success.
  • Six months of 1:1 support on the journey! (We are CUSTOMIZING this for you. For your metabolism. For your lifestyle!)
  • Plus, a community of people ready to make that huge change, cheer each other on, and celebrate successes!
​​​​​​​Imagine! In just 6-months, you could be walking around in a whole new body!

Together we’ll take a holistic approach to losing weight, and to creating a lifestyle and mindset that ensure you’ll not only lose the weight, you’ll keep it off… FOR GOOD!!!! Because this isn’t about dieting, it’s about YOU!!!

Here’s what we will do together:

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation:

  • Determine your starting point and your readiness for change (Don’t feel 100% ready? Don’t worry! I’ll meet you where you are and guide you on your path).
  • Disarm the negative voice in your head that’s been sabotaging your weight loss efforts and holding you back in all areas of your life.
  • Set yourself up for a series of small (but essential) victories that will create the momentum you need to complete and sustain your weight loss goals!
Phase 2: Thinking Yourself Thin
  • Identify and eliminate perfectionism because none of us are perfect, and beating ourselves up for not being so is a recipe for disaster. It’s perfectionism that leads to weight gain and poor self-esteem. So we’ll kick it to the curb!
  • Identify and eliminate blocks and create the mindset needed to lose weight and feel amazing for your whole life.
  • Create quick and easy rituals that jump-start your metabolism and energy every single day for maximum results.
Phase 3: Building the Food Framework:
  • Create and follow a real-food plan designed to make healthy eating simple, and automatic (without being based on sacrifice or requiring ingredients that no real kitchen actually has!)
  • Help you become a mindful eater so you can stop eating when you’re physically satisfied and establish healthy portion control. You’ll learn your own “body language”- the messages your body sends and how to interpret them.
  • Learn how to identify the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.
Phase 4: Developing the Exercise Plan:
  • Choose the right exercise plan for you that fits into your busy schedule.
  • STOP thinking you need to spend hours at the gym. You’ll be shocked at how easy this really is and how little is actually required.
  • Implement a fun and do-able exercise plan that you’ll actually stick to! This is about designing a plan that doesn’t feel like work and is a seamless addition to your current schedule and lifestyle.
Phase 5: Staying on Track
  • Dive deep to uncover the root causes of emotional eating and diet “relapse.”
  • Incorporate planned indulgences into your otherwise healthy diet, instead of depriving yourself (which we all know doesn’t work long-term).
  • Get into your grocery groove! Ensuring that your shopping habits don’t get in the way of your weight loss.
  • Phase 6: Living in Your Dream Bod!
  • Identify the people in your life that will support you in maintaining your new, healthy, and empowered life!
  • Implement follow-through strategies to support you in all aspects of your life.
You CAN do it! And it IS easy! I’ll be right there
with you every step of the way!

So let’s talk! Click below to set up a free phone call so we can get you started feeling better and looking the way you want! If you wait another month, you’ll wish you had started today.

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