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Lisa G - Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is someone who you turn to when you want to step up your fitness goals and commit to improving your health.  I know it’s challenging stepping out of your comfort zone, but I will work with the unique needs of every individual, providing the motivation and support he or she needs to achieve lasting results.

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Lisa G - Weight Loss Expert

Losing weight can be frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing. There is conflicting information in magazines, on the Internet, and there are hundreds of supplements that line the aisles of any supermarket or drugstore. I’m here with a proven track record to offer you the support you need.  I always stay on top of the trends and I have the experience to know the difference between great innovations and fads.

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Lisa G - Fitness Expert

I love being the fitness expert of choice for people in the LA area. I have a reputation for providing realistic, customized, and affordable services that are unmatched in the area! I take great pride in having built this positive reputation over years of hard work and education…

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Lisa G - LA Corporate Wellness

Many companies realize the importance of keeping employees as healthy as possible. It improves productivity, profitability, and mental health. As a certified personal trainer, and an expert in group fitness, I will inspire positive changes that can impact their health and your business.

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Lisa G - LA Corporate Wellness

Whether it’s for a girls weekend, a corporate retreat or a family vacation, on a retreat with me the needs of all individuals at all fitness levels will be met. I’m here to help you find the motivation and determination to set you on the right path for your trip, but more importantly, your return home.

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“I am a woman of many virtues. But when it comes to working out, I am lazy. During pregnancy, when my thighs started to expand and I couldn’t blame all the gain on baby weight, I hired Lisa to come over, and get my butt off the couch. Lisa never pushed me beyond what was safe for the baby and me, (we monitored my heart rate and I made sure always to drink a lot of water), rather she inspired me to be in the best shape I could be, for the pregnancy and the labor. My labor was quick and fairly easy. Afterward, Lisa helped me work in a manageable program jogging with the baby jogger, training at the Santa Monica stairs, doing yoga on a blanket in the yard while the baby slept. Lisa managed to keep it fresh and incorporate a realistic routine. Lisa is always upbeat and prompt! But what I appreciate most of all is her sense of humor. They say if you have a good hearty laugh every day you will live longer, so I can thank Lisa for adding a few weeks to my life. She became much more than a trainer, she felt more like a friend or a sister (a sister who made me sweat a lot)”

– Rebecca Cullen


“I started working out with Lisa a few months after I gave birth to my daughter (who weighed a healthy 9lbs., 7oz.!). I was a bit unmotivated to work with a trainer since I didn’t think I could change my body that quickly and I (not so) secretly dreaded putting in the hard work. I figured that the worst case scenario would be that I was forced to work out a couple of times a week. So, I was pleasantly surprised that working out with Lisa was not only fun, but also confidence-boosting. I have to admit that she made me feel like an actual athlete! Soon, I started to change my diet so that my hard work at the gym wouldn’t go to waste. And quickly, I became stronger and more toned. My entire body composition changed. And I fit into clothing sizes that I had never even dared to try on before. Now, as my daughter is about to celebrate her first birthday, I feel better in my own skin (and clothes!) than I did before I even became pregnant!”

– Hilary Zalon


“I am a 60 year old, obese woman that has been working with Lisa for four years. It hasn’t been easy for me to exercise due to my arthritis, yet Lisa tailor-made a program for me, focusing on the types of exercises I need to improve my mobility and strength. She has motivated me to work out and is patient with my limitations while encouraging me to stretch my abilities. She is very conscientious and comes to all appointments on time, calling or emailing in between to remind me of the appointments. I like the fact that she is not a clock-watcher and will make sure she gives me my hour’s time if I am a little late. Lisa’s sense of fun and humor make me look forward to seeing her. She has a sunny disposition and is very giving and kind. She’s a terrific person as well as a trainer and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to better their health through exercise.”

– Judy


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