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Best Fitness Coach in Santa Monica

“For the first time in many years of dieting and trying to make life-style changes, I finally found someone that give me real tools and encouragement while holding me accountable. She tosses out the BS and make it real.”

I first came across Lisa a few years ago when she held an online summit on fitness over 40. I loved her positive energy and kind demeanor, so I started working with her in September of 2017. Lisa’s coaching sessions have helped me come up with a realistic yet challenging vision of what I really want. It started out with wanting to look good in a size 8 and letting go of all the baggage we carry. Though I still want the size 8, good health and fitness is what dominates my vision board now. I want to be strong and healthy to care for my family and live the second half of my life bigger and better than ever.

I have multiple injury setbacks the past several months. Before Lisa, I would have quit, and did…hence the extra pounds. Lisa has encouraged me to continue on and work around the injury and focus on my food. She supplied me with many at-home workouts that did not aggravate my foot and ankle injuries. And now that I have a gym membership, her knowledge about the equipment has been very beneficial to me. She even makes the long Minnesota winters just a little better.

I’ve struggled with what food plan, will work best for me long term, for many years…fighting gluten-free and paleo all along, but finding it to be what I need most. Lisa encourages life changes, not compliance. Though, when I need it, she stresses “just do it!” I remember once she said, “Yeah, you will feel hungry once in a while. It’s okay.” She was right.

Her weekly check-ins keep me moving forward and on track. The pounds and inches are falling off, though slow at times, I know I will reach my goals…HEALTH, FITNESS AND SIZE 8. Thank you Lisa G for your support, knowledge and encouragement! I can’t wait until we reach my goals!

BEST Fitness Coach

“Lisa gave me the tools to deal with emotional stress, thus reducing my dependence on food…”

I have been working with Lisa since August 2016. Prior to this I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I would eat very clean for a few days then overindulge 2 or 3 times a week. Then I would beat myself up about it and feel even more guilty. Lisa slowly introduced me to understanding why I indulged in such behavior and explained to me how guilt is a waste of an emotion. I have learned that consistency is power and am truly grateful to Lisa for all her support and love, she is not just my coach but my friend as well.

Radhika, Santa Monica, CA
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