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Janet’s Story

“I was too busy to exercise and had already tried and failed with 15 other diet regimes, yet in the first six weeks with Lisa, I was able loose 18 lbs. Since we started working together in March, I have lost a total of 65 pounds. But more importantly, I have gained a new found confidence! People in my life, including those at work, remark that there is something different about me, and ‘have you lost weight?’ They even caught me doing squats and push-ups in the bathroom and were like ‘WOW!’ The past 10 months have ben amazing!! I have more energy and feel so much better about many aspects of my life. Losing 65 pounds during that time was a real shocker for me!

Janet, 01/31/2018

Online Fitness Coach

Jenny Story

“Lisa Goldenthal is beyond a coach she is an inspiration. Lisa has helped me transform my mind so that I could transform my body…”

Learning the mindset was the key and so was her motivational attitude. I grew up heavy, and at the young age of 13 at only 5’4 I weighed in at 185 pounds. Unsure of how to go about changing my lifestyle, Lisa entered my life to give me guidance and support to become healthy. As an obese teen I felt deeply depressed especially when I compared myself to my peers at school. I was clearly the biggest girl, and it was hard to feel beautiful. Over the course of training with Lisa I learned that I am far beyond my body and that becoming healthy was far more important than being “skinny.” Through consistent diet and exercise I was able to lose 65 pounds in 2 years. I am so proud that I have maintained my weight for over 10 years. The most important past of this was setting my mind up for success every single morning.

Lisa’s coaching was fun but challenging. The morning mindset ritual allowed me to push myself in ways that built my confidence. Now working out is a part of my life, and I love it. Lisa taught me to love to workout, eat healthy and be optimistic. She is a motivation for me to continue a healthy lifestyle and appreciate my body for what it is. Lisa has the ability to help her clients get into phenomenal shape and transform their minds into being positive which ultimately allows for long- term success. I am forever grateful to have met Lisa as she has made me more happy and ambitious than I have ever been before!

Molly, Santa Monica, CA

Online Fitness Coach

Radhika’s Story

“I have been working with Lisa since August 2016. Prior to this I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I would eat very clean for a few days then overindulge 2 or 3 times a week. Then I would beat myself up about it and feel even more guilty. Lisa slowly introduced me to understanding why I indulged in such behavior and explained to me how guilt is a waste of an emotion. She gave me tools to deal with emotional stress thus reducing my dependence on food…I have learned that consistency is power and am truly grateful to Lisa for all her support and love, she is not just my coach but my friend as well.”

Radhika, 12/15/2016

Carolyn’s Story

“You will not find more of a heart, soul and commitment out of a weight loss coach than Lisa Goldenthal. I’m a busy working mom of four children and was really out of shape. I stuck to Lisa’s exercise routine, eating habits she recommended and have lost the 20 pounds that I was carrying around for years. Her patience and kindness is unmatched to any other and she knows her field of expertise! Lisa is the real deal that cares about her clients!”

Carolyn, 11/2/2016

Wellness Coach Lisa G

Kimberley’s Story

“Being a working mother, my time was very limited and my self-esteem got to a low point due to the lack of exercising. I had worked with Lisa on and off for years, even during my pregnancy; but soon after my baby was born; I just couldn’t find the time to see her. When she told me about her new fitness DVD, I was thrilled! As soon as I did it for the first time, I knew my life had changed! Soon thereafter, every day after work I would come home and immediately pop in the DVD and do whatever workout I had time to do: if I had dinner in the oven, I would do the 5 or 15 min workout and if my husband was home to help, I would do the 30 or 45 min workout. In my opinion, with the little amount of time I have, the desire to exercise being low, The Skinny Jeans Workout is the way to go! It is quick, fun and it actually works! After just a few weeks, I started to notice my jeans getting looser, my tummy getting flatter and my butt looking firmer. I now don’t have to hassle with going to the gym, pay gym fees or worry about how I was going to lose that baby weight. I am happy to report; I am now back into my skinny jeans!”

Online Fitness Trainer

Sheldon’s Story

“I’ve been working out with Lisa for about 7 years now, twice a week. She’s made getting in shape and staying in shape enough fun for me to stay with it after being a couch potato my whole adult life. My overall fitness level feels better than I thought it ever would again — I haven’t been in this shape since I was seventeen. About a year ago I went through a pretty serious illness, and I’m certain that being in the shape Lisa has gotten me into had a lot to do with my handling it well and recovering quickly. We’ve recently made a pact that she’ll continue to train me for the next 40 years.”

Online Executive Wellness Fitness Health Coach

Haley’s Story

“If you get bored easily with your workout she is your go to lady. Don’t be fooled by her tight little package, she trains people of all shapes and sizes, male, female, whatever. Oh the best part was being able to call my mom and dad back home and tell them to open up to page 38 of Life and Style so they could see who my trainer is. They had her Skinny Jean Workout dvd in the magazine. I meet with Lisa once a week, sometimes twice a week if I’ve got something coming up that I need to look particularly scorching for.

On the days I’m not with her I pop in her DVD or I do an hour of cardio or some sort of interval/circuit training. So like I said, she’s going to get your ass in those skinny jeans and if you have questions about what you should be doing on your day off just ask her. She is a lovely human being with a real passion for changing the human body into a beautiful work of art. If your ready to look at yourself in the mirror and be like “OMFG,” then call Lisa.”

Online Fitness Coach

What others have to say about Lisa

“During pregnancy, when my thighs started to expand and I couldn’t blame all the gain on baby weight, I hired Lisa to come over, and get my butt off the couch! Lisa never pushed me beyond what was safe for the baby and me, (we monitored my heart rate and I made sure always to drink a lot of water), rather she inspired me to be in the best shape I could be, for the pregnancy and the labor. My labor was quick and fairly easy. Afterward, Lisa helped me work in a manageable program jogging with the baby jogger, training at the Santa Monica stairs, doing yoga on a blanket in the yard while the baby slept. Lisa managed to keep it fresh and incorporate a realistic routine. Lately, I have been using Lisa more and more for her diet and nutrition expertise because I was frustrated with my inability to lose weight.  Lisa encouraged me to not only look at what I was eating, but also when I was eating.  I have been experimenting with intermittent fasting the last few months and was finally able to lose the weight I never could seem to lose before. Finally I would say, Lisa is always upbeat and prompt, and I truly look forward to every single session I have spent with her over the years. Thank you Lisa!” ~ Rebecca Cullen

“A few months after giving birth to my son, I knew it was time to fit back into my “normal” clothes. Gaining over forty pounds, I was determined to lose the excess weight and tone up. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, so I was on the hunt for a qualified trainer who understood my needs. I came across Lisa’s card and knew she was “the one” to kick my butt into shape, and she did!! I lost all the weight and more in a matter of months!! I gained muscle I never even knew I had, and my body never looked so good! Cut to four years later after a divorce and finding out I have Hashimoto’s and several other auto -immune diseases, I found myself struggling with the weight gain again, this time Lisa had to drag me to the gym…

Cut to twelve years later and now I finally got my post-divorce, Hashimoto body under control. This time it was more of a struggle but, through trial and error with my now sluggish metabolism, cutting out glutens and sugars and working out consistently with Lisa’s Guidance. I am overly excited with the results, and never received so many compliments, especially from the biggest critic of all — my new boyfriend! Now I am so happy to have finally found myself back at my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you, Lisa! I couldn’t have done it without you after all my health struggles you made me realize consistency is the answer! ~ Nikki

“Lisa has only been my coach for a few months but I have already lost over 10 pounds! But more importantly, I feel so much better in my skin and I am getting stronger every day! Lisa has taught me how to finally stop the up-and-down weight loss roller coaster by developing a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable even during very busy times.  I am excited for what’s ahead of me and plan on rocking my skinny jeans during the holiday season.” ~ Janina (11/19/2016)

“As a career driven woman and full-time mother to two young boys she told me that the stress of trying to do it all was hard for her both mentally and physically. She would come home from work and thought she had to have wine every night to relax. I showed her a different way to think about this and she shifted that habit and she is down 25 pounds and no one is happier than her husband right now.” ~ Brooke

“I have been training with Lisa for five or so years. The venue is my personal gym at home, and I look forward to her twice weekly visits. She brings her good humor and high energy with her, and makes my workouts thoroughly enjoyable. I just had occasion to participate in a class reunion of our 8th grade in New York after 63 years. Everyone attending was 77 years old, except for me. I felt and looked (so I’ve been told) only 60. Lisa has kept me feeling and looking much better than I’m entitled to.” ~ David Roberts

“I started working out with Lisa a few months after I gave birth to my daughter (who weighed a healthy 9lbs., 7oz.!). I was a bit unmotivated to work with a trainer since I didn’t think I could change my body that quickly and I (not so) secretly dreaded putting in the hard work. I figured that the worst case scenario would be that I was forced to work out a couple of times a week. So, I was pleasantly surprised that working out with Lisa was not only fun, but also confidence-boosting. I have to admit that she made me feel like an actual athlete! Soon, I started to change my diet so that my hard work at the gym wouldn’t go to waste. And quickly, I became stronger and more toned. My entire body composition changed. And I fit into clothing sizes that I had never even dared to try on before. Now, as my daughter is about to celebrate her first birthday, I feel better in my own skin (and clothes!) than I did before I even became pregnant!” ~ Hilary Zalon

“I am a 60 year old, obese woman that has been working with Lisa for four years. It hasn’t been easy for me to exercise due to my arthritis, yet Lisa tailor-made a program for me, focusing on the types of exercises I need to improve my mobility and strength. She has motivated me to work out and is patient with my limitations while encouraging me to stretch my abilities. She is very conscientious and comes to all appointments on time, calling or emailing in between to remind me of the appointments. I like the fact that she is not a clock-watcher and will make sure she gives me my hour’s time if I am a little late. Lisa’s sense of fun and humor make me look forward to seeing her. She has a sunny disposition and is very giving and kind. She’s a terrific person as well as a trainer and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to better their health through exercise.” ~ Judy

“I initially heard about the program through a magazine, like Shape or Fitness, in a comparison of exercise DVDs. I liked that some of the workouts were very short in duration which would be good for busy people like myself. I bought a CD and worked the program for a while and was surprised how effective it was, at a much reduced timeframe than most exercise DVDs.  Eventually I gave it to my daughter who was getting married shortly after, and was beefing up her exercise routines. Since I gave her my copy, I’m buying another one for myself now. I still think this program is one of the best out there, for great results in a short amount of time.” ~ J.

“There is LA based Executive Wellness Coach Lisa Goldenthal also known as “The Sculptor” to her celebrity based clientele. Lisa began as my trainer but ended up a close family friend. Quote from Paul Zane Pilzer’s book, The Next Trillion” – Paul Zane

“I’ve had many trainers in the past, but with Lisa I found the perfect balance of motivation and personal touch. Throughout my pregnancy she kept me in shape. She was very knowledgeable about pregnancy, and while working within those parameters still kept my workout challenging. Also now that I have a baby she has been very flexible with my schedule and just great to be around. In my book that is one of the most important qualities of a trainer.” ~ G. Colon

“Since I have been working out with Lisa not only has my health increased significantly, but my lower back pain has decreased 80-90″ ~ Carter Kirkwood

“Lisa’s personality is vivacious her positive spirit is infectious. She is the only one that can get me out of bed at six in the morning.” ~ Lara Ladd, Actress and professional athlete

“After having a triple bypass surgery–I was told by my doctor in no uncertain terms that I must exercise. Lisa was the only one that got me to exercise and regain my health.” ~ Milton Jupiter

“I have been working out with Lisa for over seven years. Lisa is motivating, innovative and applies her vast knowledge of all aspects of healthy living to guiding her clients in fitness training. Over the years Lisa adapted different approaches to help me meet my changing goals and work through several sports injuries.” I had many coach over the years – seven years with Lisa and still going strong – speaks for itself.” ~ Orie Rechtman, Riteman International CEO

“Lisa’s positive energy is infectious, which makes every workout fun! I really look forward to working with her every week, whether we’re in the gym or doing a beach workout. Lisa’s never afraid to push hard and has helped me work toward every single goal I have set for myself. She makes me feel like anything is possible. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who’s looking for a fun workout with true results.” ~ Elizabeth Tippet

“I have been training with Lisa for 3 years now. She is always professional & reliable. Her innovative workouts have kept my interest. We do a variety of activities together, including circuit training, yoga, meditating, kickboxing, tennis, and hiking. Over the years, Lisa has become a good friend in addition to being my trainer. She is a caring, spiritual, fun, energetic, and intelligent individual. I highly recommend her as a trainer.” ~ Brandi Miller

“I am eighty-six years old and have been training with Lisa for several years. Lisa is an excellent wellness coach. She is well versed in what she does, is very dependable about her appointments, and listens to and responds to your requests. She is very pleasant and funny, but definitely serious about giving you a first-class workout tailored to your needs and desires.” ~ Sydney Finegold, M.D

“I’ve been training with Lisa G. for years, and she still pushes me to do those few extra reps that I just wouldn’t do if I were working out on my own. I like exercising, but somehow I never seem to make time for it in my ultra-busy attorney schedule, except for the times when Lisa is coming to whip me into shape. She knows my goals, listens to me, and can tell when to push just a little harder. And even when I arrive at the gym in a crummy mood, I leave feeling a whole lot happier. When she started putting together the Skinny Jeans Workout, she gave me a preview of some of the exercises that she was putting on the video, and now I know I can look forward to having a virtual Lisa G. with me on business trips, too!” -Betsy Rosenblatt, Attorney

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