As we turn the calendar to start a new year, many of us make resolutions.

We want to improve ourselves in some way—whether it’s health and fitness, growing our business, achieving another milestone in your career, or any other goals.

Unfortunately, many of us fail to stick to these goals due to a lack of commitment, focus, or dedication.

And when it comes to health and fitness specifically, busy executives such as yourself are especially prone to putting their own wellbeing on the back burner


I understand that it can be difficult for you given all of your responsibilities—but when neglecting your health and wellness becomes habitual, that leads to serious long-term consequences that you don’t want to experience.

A great life isn’t just about working hard—it’s about feeling strong and energized enough to truly enjoy those successes!

When you’re healthy and fit, you’ll have the energy and stamina necessary for tackling even bigger projects with greater success

So this New Year’s resolution season, I’m here to encourage you not only to set realistic goals for yourself but also hold yourself accountable for reaching them—because improving your health is worth it!


Here are a few tips that can help you stay committed:


1. Break down your goal into smaller parts

Setting one large goal can seem insurmountable at times which can cause you give up easily. To counter this problem break down your main goal into smaller parts which will be easier for you achieve but still help move towards your main aim in time. For example instead of aiming for running 5Km in one go set a weekly target like running 500m without getting tired in first week then 1000m in second week and so on till 5Km gets achieved at the end of 8th week. This incremental approach will make things easier for you mentally as well as physically.

2. Set reminders

Once you have identified what steps need taken try setting reminders on your phone or email where ever applicable so that things don’t slip away from memory easily thus making sure nothing is missed out inadvertently keeping progress on track.

3. Track progress

Tracking progress helps keep motivation levels up high specially when going through tough times since visible proof is often required during such moments as well as providing perspective on how much has already been achieved encouraging individuals to keep pushing forward.

4. Reward yourself

Make sure reward yourself every time something is achieved related to goal no matter how small it may appear staying focused on the ultimate prize while enjoying small wins along the way keeps spirits high.

5. Have an accountability partner

Having someone who will make sure that everything is kept track off properly helps a lot specially when willpower starts wavering having an accountability partner ensures right decisions are made under pressure proving quite useful during critical periods

As an executive or business owner wanting to reach greater heights I’m sure physical wellbeing is just as important as mental acuity – if not more so!

You owe it to yourself – and those around you -to take care of your body so that life can be enjoyed wholeheartedly without fear of fatigue or burn out standing in its way.

So this New Year let us resolve together by taking simple yet effective steps towards our desired goals making 2023 a completely different year than 2022!



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