According to the studies, two-thirds of the weight you gain annually is during the holidays. In other words, the way that you gain isn’t spread out throughout the year, but rather it’s during the holidays when you tend to gain the most weight.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Are you fully recovered from your turkey coma?

The good news is that you are here and holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be your story!

Let’s jump in with the big reveal of the top 5 secrets to losing holiday weight.



Tip #1 Don’t wait around for that holiday weight to become permanent.

Get started now your body hasn’t gotten used to that extra weight yet, what’s one step you can take today? Let me know in the comments, if you lose it now it’s easier than waiting for New Year or when you feel ready because you’re never going to feel ready, some of the weight you gained might be water and bloating so it’s best to get after it right away. Don’t wait for New Year to google how to do a cleanse.


Tip #2 Increase Hydration

If you drink a lot of water, you won’t feel as hungry. Also, water is very important for your metabolism, which is important for weight loss.” A study found that drinking just  17 ounces of water increases your metabolic rate by 30%. After the holidays, you’re so ready to be drastic, but instead of trying to drop ten pounds in a week take small steps, it’ll lead to consistency and being able to hit your goals.

Successful people like you know to play for the marathon, not the sprint. Of the weight gain that we put on throughout the holiday season—some of it is bloat because it takes a lot of calories to put on fat. So, if you stay hydrated, you can easily flush some of the extra sodium and bloat from your body, start with  Increasing your water intake to flush out the extra bloat and calories.


Tip #3 You can’t just resume your regular eating routine and assume you’ll be fine

Because you never worked off the excess, so now is the time to eat fewer calories not your usual amount of food and alcohol!

It’s not business as usual!


Tip #4 Hit it hard and fast

Fasting is the best way to burn up the extra stuff you’ve been eating over the holidays. Periods of not eating are the fastest way to burn stored fat & lose holiday weight try intermittent fasting &  during your fast you can burn off some of those extra calories that you consumed during the holidays. When you don’t eat for 16 hours or more at least 8 hours of that you should be sleeping, by the next day you’ll start to bounce back just start the day with black coffee and water before 12 noon.


Tip #5 Don’t Forget Strength Training

Many of you neglect resistance exercise. Weight training is crucial to prevent muscle and bone loss that occurs with age. More muscle mass also elevates your metabolism helping you lose weight, maintain joint flexibility, and improve endurance.


If you’ve tried every short-term fix, you know that long-term consistency trumps short-term sprints.

We have one month left, are you ready to finish 2021 strong?

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Now is the time to burn off the weight before your body holds on to it!

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